Niger government confirms plan to slash workers’ salaries

Niger government confirms plan to slash workers’ salaries

Concerned about the increase in banditry in parts of the state in the past two months, the governor of the state of Niger, Abubakar Sani Bello, has declared all-out war on the armed criminals terrorizing the state.

The Niger state government confirmed on Thursday its decision to cut wages for all workers, including all political appointees, the governor and his deputy, saying their action is inevitable.

The journalists had reported on a meeting between organized workers and government officials on Monday where the state’s Accountant General, Alhaji Abdullahi Saidu, informed workers that starting in November the government will cut wages by 50 percent in view of the deficit. in the income of the Federation Account. and a drop in internally generated income (IGR).

The union had rejected the plan and will meet on Thursday (today) to make a decision on the next course of action.

Confirming the governments’ plan to cut wages for workers and all political appointments, in a statement made available to journalists that does not say anything about the deduction percentages, Information Commissioner Alhaji Mohammed Sani Idris, He said: “The decision is regrettable and painful, the debacle is apparently inevitable, and hopefully it will be short-lived.”

Idris blamed deficits in revenue accumulation on the state of the Federation’s Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) as well as IGR for the recession in which the country has just started, noting that: “ Unfortunately, the deficit got even worse this month again, giving a direct drop of more than N1 billion in the federation’s statement of cash accumulation since September. “

According to him, government money has been further affected by funding the fight against banditry and other forms of insecurity in the state.

“The fight against insecurity has been equally overwhelming and has affected the resources of the state, since the personnel in the front line of the opposition to the insurgents must be sufficiently well equipped for the task. Can the state government avoid the task of fulfilling its primary responsibility of ensuring the safety of residents at any cost?

“The movement to cut wages for all categories of workers, given this explanation above, is bound by existential developments, and what has been deducted from workers will be returned to them once the situation improves, as workers have experienced. of local government in the state.

“It is our sincere hope that the situation improves as soon as possible so that the government will reimburse the workers for the percentage deducted.

“The government is also deeply pained by development and regrets the difficulties it may cause,” Idris said, adding that the government has put mechanisms in place to increase its IGR.

The union is expected to come out with a position on the matter after their meeting on Thursday.

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