New EFCC Chairman: Presidency Screens Candidates

The secret selection of candidates to head the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) began in earnest on Monday, six days ago.

Although it was not immediately clear which government agency is evaluating the candidates, a trusted source close to the Presidency revealed that “shortlisted candidates are being selected at this time.”

Although the source declined to reveal whether it is the Department of State Security (DSS) or the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) in charge of carrying out the examination, other indications suggest that a control panel between security agencies should take the exam multiple times. dimensional, as all aspects of the lives of shortlisted candidates will be thoroughly examined.

Although Saturday INDEPENDENT was unable to determine the exact number of candidates, our investigations have detected three candidates, today.

One of them, from the Southwest, is a retired Police Commissioner (PC) who has headed the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) of the Nigerian Police. This attorney recently earned a Ph.D.

What he recommended is that while he was at SFU, the majority of high-profile cybercrime cases and related financial crime cases were referred to him from all police formations, as well as from Force Headquarters, by one former Inspector General of Police (IGP) in particular who deployed it. to SFU because he believed he could revive the outfit. This man made the SFU compete favorably with the EFCC in terms of arrests, investigations and prosecutions.

Investigations revealed that, under his command, all financial crime cases were dealt with promptly and easily prosecuted once prima facie cases were settled.

The second favorite is a serving police commissioner from Yobe State. He is said to be an expert in cracking cybercrime and other related financial crimes.

He’s from the northeast geopolitical zone.

A very reliable source close to the Presidency confided to Crime Tracker on Friday that “he is the candidate for Attorney General of the Federation. He (CP) almost got the job last time, but because of the publicity the press gave him. And Aso Rock wasn’t happy with that hype. “

Our source hinted that the presidency does not want the prediction to be correct because “they (Aso Rock) like to surprise the public.”

Another favorite is a Deputy Inspector General of Police (AIG) retired from the same geopolitical zone with the CP.

He had headed the Interpol police arm and one of the state police commandos in the Southwest. In both places he exhibited the skill of a trained and experienced detective. It is articulate and does not compromise illegality. He is known in the Force as a severe officer.

He had also served at the EFCC as an operational officer with the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP). While at EFCC, he is said to have shown prowess with a good track record of thorough investigations.

Many think that he is the most favored due to his EFCC experience. However, their EFCC experience is proving to be a double-edged sword, as those who want a fresh EFCC led by new faces in totally new ways view their EFCC experience as unwieldy garbage.

Our investigations also revealed that a retired brigadier general from the north is also being pushed forward. He is said to be close to President Muhammadu Buhari.

However, we learn that thick clouds have rallied against him. Opponents of his candidacy are citing the Comptroller General of Customs, a retired colonel who was said to have previously been recommended in 2015 to head the EFCC, but was removed. His candidacy was taken for granted as unstoppable because the man was not only close to Buhari, but had played unforgettable roles in all of Buhari’s political campaigns, but his strong and inflexible character had earned him the nickname “Netanyahu.” Later, President Buhari appointed him Chief of Customs.

It was not clear if he counted in all this time among those who were being examined. But we know for sure that his resume was among those previously received in the presidency.

Our efforts to determine when the body examining the candidates would present its findings to President Buhari hit brick walls. But our sources are optimistic that the next head of the EFCC will be announced before the end of December, so that the EFCC will not be left without a substantive head for long or this will tell a bad story to the international community.

Reliable sources close to the Presidency revealed that, “the resumes of the examinees were presented shortly after the Magu investigation panel began and unfavorable events began to be unearthed. The Saturday Independent further learned that “the influential members of Aso Rock (the clique) knew that Magu would not be reinstated, so thousands of interested people started submitting the names of their candidates. But now, I think only some of them have been shortlisted. “

Furthermore, our investigations revealed that since Friday 20, 2020, Judge Ayo Salami’s investigative panel presented its report on suspended EFCC Acting President Ibrahim Magu, to President Muhammadu Buhari, there has been intense lobbying for the work of Magu.

Crime Tracker’s investigations further revealed that top politicians submitted numerous CVs from many contestants to the Chief of Staff, the Attorney General and the National Security Advisor (NSA).

Ibrahim Magu was suspended on July 7, 2020, on allegations that the anti-bribery agency had questions to answer. It was then that Magu, the dreaded hunter, became Magu, the pitiful hunter.

It will be recalled that on Saturday INDEPENDENTE exclusively reported that the Director of Operations Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) Mohammed Umar, who on July 10, 2020 was instructed by the Presidency to act in place of Magu, may not be eventually confirmed as President. from the anti-bribery agency, when many thought he was an ideal candidate for the job.

We also report that, the Federation Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, the President’s Chief of Staff, Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, the National Security Advisor (NSA), the Inspector General of Police (IGP) It was said that Mohammed Adamu and one of the northern governors had sponsored different candidates.

However, our report that the First Lady, Ms Aisha Buhari had a soft spot for a former military administrator from her Adamawa state was the one that shook the sea of ​​public opinion the most.

It will be remembered that those who had headed the anti-bribery agency are all from the north of the country.

The first was AIG Nuhu Ribadu retired from Adamawa State, who was appointed Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, before rising to the rank of AIG. He was followed by Ms. Farida Waziri, retired from AIG Benue State and married to a man from Gombe State. Ribadu’s COO, AIG Ibrahim Lamorde of Adamawa State replaced Waziri. Once again, Ibrahim Magu also from the north took over from Lamorde.

A senior officer from the southern part of the country, who requested anonymity, frowned when he saw that Southerners are not considered for sensitive positions and said this weakens the morale of many Southerners in the Force. The officer, giving credence to his belief, cited the late Ms Dora Akunyili from the eastern part of the country, who headed the National Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and performed credibly.

“Ma’am. Dora Akunyili was an Igbo woman. Normally, she would not have been given a job at NAFDAC, because it is believed that the Igbo are more interested in the drug business and she could commit. He did a perfect job, ”he reinforced his argument.