NAFEST: Nigeria will lead the world – Senator Okorocha

NAFEST: Nigeria will lead the world – Senator Okorocha

Former Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha has urged his supporters to resist further attacks from the government.  He said that he would no longer tolerate unjustified attacks against himself and his family members.

Senator Rochas Okorocha, chair of the Senate Committee on Culture and Tourism, has expressed greater hope that Nigeria will definitely lead the world with vast cultural and tourism potential.

Okorocha said this at the opening ceremony of the 33rd National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFEST) that was held at the stadium of Rwang Pam Township, Jos, Plateau on Monday.

The theme of the event was “COVID-19 and Cultural Dynamism.”

The legislator advised Nigerians in general to keep hope alive, as the COVID-19 pandemic and the ENDSARS protests, which had wreaked much havoc on the nation, would eventually be forgotten.

He said Nigeria was only going through a phase that would lead it to greatness, as other countries have experienced in the past.

He noted that the two incidents had compounded the nation’s unemployment problems.

“Our nation is going through a difficult time, but this is not the time to spread blame.

“The year 2020 has been a difficult and unique year for all of us. We lost our loved ones, our economy is affected, and unemployment has risen due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think Nigeria has a future. Nigeria will soon take center stage.

“We are specially created and we know that Nigeria will definitely one day lead the world. I call on the youth to relax because a bigger Nigeria is coming soon.

“For the youngest, I want to assure everyone that all hope is not lost; We are only going through what other nations have gone through before reaching greatness, Japan once went through these, ” the lawmaker said.

Okorocha praised Otunba According to Runsewe, Director General of the National Arts and Culture Council (NCAC) and Plateau Governor Simon Lalong for the efforts made to host this year’s festival amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He urged Governor Lalong to make the state show leadership in tourism, as the state was known as the State of Peace and Tourism.

“Plateau State must show leadership in tourism. The Kura Falls are there for tourists; the climate is spectacular and the rich diverse culture of the people.

“There is no better place to start tourism in Nigeria than Plateau. That we begin to package tourism so that foreigners can visit it.

“When we market our tourism potential well enough, oil and oil will no longer be our only sources of income,” he said.

Okorocha urged the head of NCAC to invite the majority of foreign ambassadors to subsequent editions of the festival so they can see what the nation was endowed with both culturally and with tourism.

Previously, Runsewe suggested Plateau as a suitable location for medical tourism considering the beautiful weather conditions and other tourism potentials embedded in the state.

He urged the indigenous people of the state to live in peace and harmony and focus on developing their cultural and tourism potential.

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