My House Guard Broke Into My House When I Was Alone, I Begged Him But He Refused

In a viral video, a young woman identified as Oyin recounted a horrifying experience she had a few years ago when she was attacked by her own guard, who was a Fulani man named Sani. In this video, the lady said that she was alone in her home around 7:30 a.m. on February 4, 2018 when she was attacked.

She said she was at the home when her security guard and colleagues broke into her home and attacked her. The lady said her guard, Sani, invited her colleagues to come and attack her and they broke into her home. When they entered, she said that she screamed for help but that there was no one other than her maid in the house.

She said that when they entered, they raped her girl from the house and also tried to rape her, but when she was stubborn, they started hacking her and stabbing her with a machete. To show the authenticity of his story, he showed the scars that the Machete left on his body since then.

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She said they later left after raping her house girl and their efforts to rape her were unsuccessful. She was in the pool of her own blood as she and her housewife drove to the hospital. Little did she know that she was pregnant as at that time, it was when she was receiving treatment at the hospital that she learned that she had been pregnant prior to the attack. She said that she was very depressed and traumatized by the experience. Now he left Nigeria for the United States because of the bad experience.

She alleged that the police escorts sent to her even tried to sleep with the girl in the house who was raped. She said they started extorting her and that she was paying irrelevant fees just because she wanted to fight for justice. He said that the Police told him that the case is beyond the Police and should be SARS. She said that she was paying them money, but the result was not satisfactory, so she later dropped the case.

After she left the house, she said she sent her brother to pick up something from the house, but when she got there, she realized that those guys later returned to her apartment and took and vandalized her property. He said that he alerted the police again and they told him he needed security because it seems that the attackers are after his life. She said police even suggested that she may have had an affair with the man, Sani, which she denied.

He said that he always treated the man like family. He said he even invited her on some of his outings so he wouldn’t get bored at home. She treated him very well but he paid her badly. She said her husband was supposed to move a few days before the attack and police thought that was what triggered the attack. She said police suggested to her that perhaps she led the guard and had high hopes of marrying her, but then became upset when she found out that her husband was returning home. She said this is what the police suggested.

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He said that he has now moved out of the country for his own peace of mind. He said that he now lives in the United States, but that he just needed to speak so that people would meet and learn from his experience.


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