Matawalle Commends Umahi For Joining APC, Attacks South-South Governors

Matawalle Commends Umahi For Joining APC, Attacks South-South Governors

Zamfara State Governor Bello Matawalle praised the decision of his Ebonyi counterpart, David Umahi, to join the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Matawalle attributed Umahi’s departure to “bad blood in the current People’s Democratic Party.”

This was stated by the governor of Zamfara, who is a member of the PPD, in a statement issued by his spokesperson, Zailani Bappa, on Friday.

Mr. Matawalle said he would rather praise Mr. Umahi for “his bold decision rather than condemn him because everyone feels welcome only in a home where they feel comfortable.”

“If this trend of generating bad blood among us continues unabated, our great party will increasingly be on the receiving end as we move into 2023,” observed Governor Matawalle.

“I am having a very bad recent experience from some of my fellow PDP Governors that I still find very disconcerting. For example, the South-South Governors who accuse me in the media are Governors of the PDP and are the same people who generated controversy over the so-called Zamfara Gold, based on deliberate misinformation and outright lies, ”Governor Matawalle said.

“Surprisingly, it is the APC Federal Government that has all the correct records on the subject of gold mining that came out to defend me in this saga. As PDP colleagues, I hoped that the governors would contact me first and discover my own side of the story before unleashing their venom on the media, ”he said.

“While the uproar lasted, I congratulate the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari for supporting our efforts to organize the economic sector in the state to prevent the use of mineral deposits to promote insecurity in our beloved state.

“Today, the Federal Government is granting licenses to companies that deserve it to operate in the mining sector in the state. The largest company with an investment of billions of naira is owned by a Nigerian from Anambra state. And I wonder where the idea came from that the state of Zamfara owned the gold mines. Until now, the state government has nothing to do with mining activity in the state because the constitution does not empower us to do so.

“I call on South-South governors to avoid intellectual laziness and support their people to operate modular refineries as required by law and lift their people out of fear instead of being left behind and starting to chase shadows instead of substance, ”Matawalle challenged.

Source: – Premium Times

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