Married Nigerian Man Arrested In India For Duping Women On Matrimonial Sites With Promises Of Marriage

A young Nigerian man of only 25 years old has been arrested in India for fraud.

The Nigerian was arrested in India for allegedly cheating on women after befriending them at marriage sites, police said Sunday, Nov. 29.

The defendant identified as Bright was arrested in Delhi by officers from the Whitefield CEN Police Division in Bengaluru on 23 November following a complaint filed by a 34-year-old woman.

The investigation revealed that Bright and his associates created several fake profiles on marriage websites, befriended women, tricked them out of thousands of rupees under the pretext of giving them gifts or citing emergencies.

According to the Whitefield CEN police, the defendant who lives in Delhi with his wife, Devain met the woman at a marriage portal where he claimed to be Swain Rajkishore, a civil contractor and engineer.

He expressed interest in marrying Vidhushee, who signed up for the website in September and had no idea that he would be the victim of an online scam.

Rajkishore told Vidhushee that he had to visit Malaysia for a project. He sought financial help from her, claiming that his money was trapped in a Scottish bank for security reasons. Believing him, she transferred around Rs 25 lakh to him through multiple transactions between October 13 and October 16.

Later, he stopped responding to her messages and taking her calls. Realizing that she had been misled, Vidhushee approached the police. A Bengaluru police team visited Delhi and raided Brieght’s flat. Later, they discovered that it was a major scam.

“It was a six-member gang that operated by creating fake accounts on marriage websites and diverting money from victims. Brieght’s wife, Devain, had also created an account to cheat on men. When we went to catch Brieght, we found out that all the other gang members had escaped, “said Guruprasad G, an inspector from the Whitefield CEN Police Station.

“Bright had at least 38 bank accounts in India and 28 abroad where money was being diverted. We suspect that gang members diverted Rs 10 crore from people they met at marriage sites, ”Guruprasad added.

“Looking at their laptops, we found a lot of photos of men and women on those websites,” he said.

The police have detained Bright for five days. He and his associates did not have valid visas or passports.

The police have seized four laptops and 10 mobile phones from Brieght and Rs 8.5 lakh from various bank accounts.

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