Man spends N2.7m meant for setting up business on fast food with the help of his girlfriend

A Nigerian has recounted how his friend and his girlfriend squandered N2.7m to start a business.

Man spends N2.7m destined to establish fast food business with the help of his girlfriend

Edward Onoriode with the username @Edward_Onoriode, revealed that his friend was able to raise N2.7m with the help of his uncle abroad.

According to Edward, the friend and his girlfriend spent all the money in a few weeks and the rest were defrauded by a swindler planned by the bride.

Read his full story below …

“A friend lost his job due to the covid-19 pandemic. His elder brother, who is based in the UK, sent him 10 iphone 11 Pro Max so that he can sell and use the procedure to start a business and take care of himself.

When the shipments landed, the lady handling the shipment was acting strange.

He called me to help him get the package, I did and in a few days I picked up the package.

The same day I delivered the package to him at his house, I met his girlfriend with him. When we opened the package together, he picked up 1 gold iPhone 11 Pro Max right away.

I know the cost of the phone, the purpose of the phone, and my friend’s financial situation, so I told her to return the phone to me because it has a purpose.

I also told him that when things fit my phone, he will use a much better phone than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
He hesitated and insisted that he should use an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The funny thing is that this girl uses a Samsung S9 while my friend uses an Infinix phone.

The person who owns the phones is not enthusiastic about using an iPhone, but you, the girlfriend, insist on using one.

My friend was carried away by love and could not say a word. I was the one fighting the battle like I owned the phones.

There was no name that this girl did not call me in the presence of my friend. My friend did nothing but watch. I gave up and she took the phone.

My friend and I went to Computer Village to meet the man we had told about the phones before they arrived. He inspected all phones and made payment as agreed immediately.

Over N2.7m for the nine iPhones sold were paid to my friend’s account.
I don’t know if my friend was enthusiastic, stupid, or carried away when the money hits his account. All I know is that he did not invest any of the money in any business.

Weekly, he uploads photos and videos of himself and his girlfriend at expensive restaurants, clubs, and fast food.

lots of food

Every time I warn him, he will tell me not to worry if he is working on something. He claimed that he had kept N2m for the business he wanted to invest in.

This is a guy who owns me 150k that I loaned him during the pandemic.

I made him pay me asap before the story came in. After he paid me my money, he stopped taking my calls and I stopped calling too.

After more than three months, he called me yesterday crying because his girlfriend had ruined his life.

Said all the money was gone. The business you wanted to invest in was suggested by your …
It was a scam and the girlfriend had run away.

He begs me to help him with my connection so that the police officers track down his girlfriend and that the guy who scammed him gets his money back.

I hissed and cut the call. I hate stupid people. This is common among most young people, they allow little money and their girlfriend to control them.

As a man, always make sure that you don’t get carried away by girls or money. If you are in love, love with your head and stop being STUPID.

Let me add this; I couldn’t fully hear him when he called yesterday because he was angry and irritated. I don’t know the details of the business he’s talking about if his girlfriend was involved with the guy who scammed him.

When he’s calm, I’d visit him, get all the details, and help him. “