Man Breaks $ex Doll’s Leg While Attempting Dangerous $ex Position With Her (Photos)

Man Breaks $ex Doll’s Leg While Attempting Dangerous $ex Position With Her (Photos) Only for him to hear a snap and realize the doll’s leg has been broken. Check out his Facebook update below.

 i done tried to put them
Legs behind the head n pound that pu$$y smh done broke a bihhhhh leg ??????


Karess Lawary’s $ex doll incident has gone viral on social media where it has been shared over 24,800 times.

Among the 9300 comments are these ones from shocked readers:

I wanna know where the F.uck her finger is

Another said:

See a real woman wouldn’t have broke ??? FSE!!!!

Another comment:

A damn shame. I bet she didn’t even cry. Or call the police. She need a miracle. Fix it Jesus.

Another commenter also said:

“Did u get hungy n eat the pu$$y too? It looks like a pitbull got her A$S ??”

“why her fingers missing, this is starting to look like a CSI situation” lmfaooooooooo
Y’all so crazy..

Just last week, the Nigerian social media scene went ablaze when the price of a unique new $ex doll was announced.

The $ex doll which has the capabilities of Human artificial intelligence and reacts to seduction, retails at $2,289 which is a little over N800,000.

The huge $ex doll price also drew reactions from Nigerian celebrities, most notably Wizkid who tweeted that it seemed the people who created the $ex dolls and were selling them for such high amounts, forgot the price of a commercial $ex worker on the streets.

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