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  1. Is it trully working?

  2. Registering is not the issue, what If after registering I don’t have 5 referrals what happens?

  3. Yo mentioned that the system can give referrals within 1-5day automatically if one does not have the 5 referrals in level 1.

    I am still going to register under you, but how long will it take for your team to get the 5 referrals under me? And will I also need to refer in level 2? Your phone number is not here please send me your phone number via email: so I can call you after payment.

  4. Pls am interested send me your phone number through dis email address

  5. Nyeche Maclaw Wobidi

    Pls if I’m to donate to a non Nigerian citizen how do I go about it concerning foreign currency?

  6. Abdulrashid Mohammed

    I have registered over a month yet I don’t have a referral

  7. how can we register under ur team,

  8. Join crowdrising

  9. can somebody help what must I do if I want to join I live in Pretoria south Africa

  10. can i register if iam from another country


  11. Pls i want to join,

    Rabiu Josphine

  12. Pls,let me have your group contact mobile/WhatsApp number/email address now ,because I’m interested.

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