1. margaret says

    Is it trully working?

    1. Mr More says


  2. Faith says

    Registering is not the issue, what If after registering I don’t have 5 referrals what happens?

    1. Morenaija says

      just register, we will give you downline automatically via spillover

  3. Faith says

    Yo mentioned that the system can give referrals within 1-5day automatically if one does not have the 5 referrals in level 1.

    I am still going to register under you, but how long will it take for your team to get the 5 referrals under me? And will I also need to refer in level 2? Your phone number is not here please send me your phone number via email: tobifaith5@gmail.com so I can call you after payment.

  4. Amaka oj says

    Pls am interested send me your phone number through dis email address prettyamaka18@gmail.com.thanks

  5. Nyeche Maclaw Wobidi says

    Pls if I’m to donate to a non Nigerian citizen how do I go about it concerning foreign currency?

  6. Abdulrashid Mohammed says

    I have registered over a month yet I don’t have a referral

    1. Mr More says

      Kindly register Under Our Team sir

  7. koko says

    how can we register under ur team,

    1. Mr More says


  8. mazunduru says

    Join crowdrising

  9. thuli says

    can somebody help what must I do if I want to join I live in Pretoria south Africa

    1. Mr More says

      Yes, U can join from any part of the world, Kindly drop your contact number so u will be contacted.

  10. can i register if iam from another country says


    1. Mr More says

      Yes You Can

  11. Pls i want to join, rukkyjoserahbeeu@gmail.com says

    Rabiu Josphine

  12. Clifford says

    Pls,let me have your group contact mobile/WhatsApp number/email address now ,because I’m interested.

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