Maize’ll be scarce in 2021 – farmers

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Farmers in the Oke-Ogun area of ​​Oyo state under the banner of the Association of Agricultural Settlers said Sunday that the failed flood forecast and lack of government input into agriculture would make corn shortage in 2021.

The farmers said their members lost millions of naira in the 2020 planting season as a result of the “government’s failure to support agricultural products.”

Journalists report that the Oke-Ogun area of ​​Oyo state is considered the food basket of all states in southwestern Nigeria.

The group made this disclosure in a statement issued after its emergency meeting held in the Iseyin area of ​​the state to address the plight of corn growers in the state.

Farmers claimed that many of their members had decided not to return to maize planting due to lack of farm implements and labor.

In a statement signed by its president, Mr. Alabi Kazeem, and dated Saturday, December 26, 2020, which was made available to journalists in Ibadan on Sunday, the organization stated that its members immediately went to access loans. commercial and private banks to plant corn. when they learned of a better future but it turned out to be a false rain forecast.

“Many of our members have decided not to re-plant corn due to the scarce and unstable rains, when they learned of the government’s forecast through the meteorology department, as well as the rigorous campaign of the State Ministry of Environment and Water Resources. de Oyo that there would be heavy rains towards the end of October and November, they sought funds to plant corn.

“It is very unfortunate that the failed forecast caused a staggering loss for our members, they lost millions in bank loans and loans from family and friends to plant corn, many cannot even stop by their farms to see the wilted corn farms, we are so hurt for this fact.

“To the extent that we do not blame the federal and state governments for issuing flood warnings to safeguard lives and property, including those of farmers, we are taking this opportunity to appeal to them for support, our members run from pillars to positions. to repay the loans they took from banks and people. “

The statement further said that the two layers of government and the Central Bank of Nigeria should take their best measures to avoid food shortages, especially maize shortages in 2021, as most of the maize farmers in Nigeria lost their crops. because of the drought.

The Government Agricultural Settlers Association, Ipapo-Iseyin Branch, representing farmers in the Oke-Ogun area of ​​Oyo State, took the occasion of the emergency meeting to call on President Muhammadu Buhari to develop further measures to help farmers determine the weather forecast and also provide basic information. aid to real farmers.

They also extended their call to the governor of the state of Oyo to keep his ‘promise’ to extend the coverage of financing for agricultural settlements to his association, which represents the ten local government areas in Oke-Ogun from the recent loan to which the administration to develop agricultural settlements.

“Our fear for now is what will be the fate of poor Nigerians who depend heavily on staple foods that are obtained from corn, it is easy to predict that there will be a shortage of corn next year with what happened this year, unless the government Develop an outlet to help farmers overcome this problem.

“Our Governor in Oyo State has shown an unparalleled love for the farmers in Oyo State and we can all see that he wants to make agriculture the main pillar to promote the state’s economy, we ask that you please extend the funds of the loan. for an agricultural settlement for us in Oke-Ogun, ”Alabi pleaded.

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