Laycon Reacts After Erica’s Manager Called Him Manipulative

BBNaija Lockdown winner Laycon reacted after Erica’s personal manager Don Mike called him a manipulative person.

Days ago, Laycon’s old interview with Pulse went viral again, and in the video, he messaged Erica, describing her as amazing and wonderful.

In his words, “You are wonderful, you are incredible, you would grow.”

In reaction to the video, Erica’s manager called Laycon, saying that his message to Erica was a manipulative and PR stunt.

“They are in the same group chat. He has never said a word to her and he has her number. And now he comes live on television to say all that. Don’t be fooled by their public relations stunt. Manipulators as always people. “Wrote Erica’s manger.

In response to the accusation, Laycon, while replying to a fan’s tweet on Twitter, sent a message to his haters and “enemies.”

The fan wrote:

“Tell my enemies to fuck off, they already know it but fuck off.”

Laycon, in his reply, said;

Tell them again with the middle finger and a laugh.

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