Lawan Raises Alarm As Some Banks Connive With MDAs To Divert Funds

Lawan Raises Alarm As Some Banks Connive With MDAs To Divert Funds


Some banks are in collusion with MDAs to divert public funds, Lawan sounds the alarm.

Nigeria online news It reports that Senate President Ahmad Lawan on Thursday accused some banks of colluding with certain categories of workers in government agencies to divert public funds into private pockets.

Lawan went further to urge anti-corruption agencies to focus more on the activities of banks, especially the handling of government funds.

This President of the Senate made this known while speaking briefly during a ceremony in his office where executive officials of the Nigerian Chartered Institute of Forensic Professionals and Investigators named him their sponsor.

In his words, “Our anti-corruption agencies must go beyond looking at what government agencies are doing. They should also look at what our banks are doing.

“Some of these banks, I do not have numbers or names, many times we have placed an implicit trust in them but money is being diverted and accounts are being operated that do not have the approval of the general accountant to open.

“Before the introduction of the TSA, we have had stories of hundreds of bank accounts operated by some agencies, but of course we know the limit that the Federation Accountant General has approved for government agencies to operate.

“Wherever we want to fight corruption, we must make sure to emphasize prevention because corruption has existed, perhaps as old as when human beings began living on earth.”