Laswa Intensifies Effort On Water Hyacinth Clearing

The Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) has expanded the water hyacinth cleanup exercise to cover all state waterway areas.


According to a statement issued on Thursday, November 12, 2020 by Mr. Oluwadamilola Emmanuel, General Manager of the Agency, LASWA has completed the placement of the water hyacinth at the ipakodo-Ikorodu terminal in preparation for the actual cleanup and removal of the rebellious weed of the water channel.

The MM stated that the water hyacinth linkage exercise is being carried out simultaneously in the Badore-Ajah and ijede-Ikorodu areas of Lagos and will be followed by proper cleaning and removal of weeds from the canals ferry with a plan to extend the exercise to the Badagry and Epe axes. for next week.

The statement reads: “The exercise must run throughout the end of the year until hyacinth is removed from all ferry routes on the state’s inland waterways.” The water hyacinth is a seasonal oceanic weed that generally spreads through water channels, causing damage to boat engines and obstruction of the free flow of traffic on waterways.

GM assures all travelers of their safety while using the waterways and the state government’s commitment to safeguarding lives and property on the waterways at all times.