Laolu Akande: Nigeria Economy Is Rebounding Due To Preemptive Actions By PMB

Laolu Akande, a media aide to the vice president, said Nigeria’s economy is recovering due to preventive actions taken by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“So, very clearly, we can see that the economy is recovering and this is mainly due to the preventive actions that the Buhari administration had taken even earlier to ensure that the situation does not get worse,” he said on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics.

While explaining that the current administration had launched various plans to help Nigerians mitigate the effect of the pandemic, Akande said that the impact of such plans is being felt across the country.

“There are all kinds of testimonials that I can share with you. We receive reports every day from the beneficiaries of the Survival Funds, ”he explained.

If they are artisans. We are talking about tailors, barbers, plumbers, hairdressers, technicians everywhere or even people who work in private schools or private transport companies who have been receiving our support ”.

Financing infrastructure
While there has been criticism in many quarters about government loans, the most recent being plans for a $ 750 million loan from the world bank to help states, the former journalist has come out in defense of the administration.

The loans, he argued, are used to finance infrastructure and reposition the economy, as he emphasized that loose ends are also tightening.

“We are borrowing for equity,” he said, explaining that “we are not borrowing for recurring expenses. We are borrowing to keep the economy going, we are borrowing to build trains, we are borrowing to build roads, we are borrowing to repair our critical infrastructure. “

‘Prudent with public finances’
He noted that despite the limited resources available to the current government, Nigerians can attest to the prudence of the current administration.

“I think in general Nigerians have seen that the Buhari administration has been very clear on how we have managed to do a lot more, even though a lot less is coming, compared to the past,” Akande added.

“This is a critical characteristic of the administration that shows that we are very prudent with public finances.”

Source: – Tv Channels