Lantewa Fatsuma Lawal ‘Born In 1996 But Employed In 1992’ – Reps Panel Probes

Lantewa Fatsuma Lawal ‘Born In 1996 But Employed In 1992’ – Reps Panel Probes

The House of Representatives is investigating Lantewa Fatsuma Lawal, Deputy Director of Accounts for the Office of Public Procurement (BPP).

Lawal, from the Bade Local Government Area of ​​Yobe State, is at the 16th grade level. The vice principal was born in 1996, but got a job in 1992.

The House of Representatives’ procurement committee discovered the alleged anomaly when AFF officials appeared before it to defend the agency’s 2021 budget on Thursday.

Thereafter, lawmakers established a subcommittee to investigate the alleged wrongdoing and obtain more facts about it.

The committee expressed its displeasure that the agency was taking too long to submit reports on 32 agencies.

Kingsley Oju, vice chairman of the committee, said the BPP’s performance is less than five percent.

“This committee is puzzled that since the appointment of the CEO, it has been taking about four years to submit reports from 32 agencies out of more than 850 agencies so that we know if they are complying with the law,” said Oju.

“As a public procurement committee, we are shocked that we don’t even have materials to work with. We are defending the budget, but this committee has the responsibility to determine the use of past funds.

“I agree with you that an audit is taking place, but if your performance is less than five percent, I don’t think we are ready to do the job.

“Therefore, I propose a motion that the committee should direct the office to submit all procurement audit reports for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 before the end of this year.”

Mamman Ahmadu, director general of the AFF, said that in 2020, of the sum of N1.485 billion allocated to the office, N250.479 million were for capital expenditures; N750,060 million for general expenses, while N484,236 million was for personnel expenses.

“We have published a procurement audit and presented it to the committee,” Ahmadu said.

But Nicholas Ossai, a Delta legislator, approached the BPP DG, accusing him of not doing his job.

“It means that he has been in office for four years and yet his office has not done its job,” Ossai said.

“I see this as a violation of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. If so, the House should be able to summon the courage and the political will and be able to do what is necessary and an affront to the constitution and the act of appropriation. “

Source: – The Cable