Lagos Police Inspector R*pes Undergraduate, Threatens Suicide

Lagos Police Inspector R*pes Undergraduate, Threatens Suicide

Adelakun Amubieya, a police inspector attached to the Agbado police station, Lagos State Police Command, has been arrested.

The man was arrested for allegedly raping a college student, Joy (not real name), in the Ipaja area of ​​the state.

PUNCH Metro reports that the suspect and the victim lived in the same complex on the Abesan Estate.

The policeman and his wife are said to have promised to teach the teenager how to earn money with an app on his phone.

The 18-year-old, who went to the couple’s apartment on November 15, allegedly ran into Amubieya alone.

The policeman apparently forced her into the bedroom and raped her.

Joy told PUNCH Metro that all appeals to the suspect to let her go fell on deaf ears.

Narrating his ordeal, he said: “Sometime in October, I went downstairs to get a call due to a bad network and I heard the policeman and his wife talking about something, but I didn’t pay attention.

“When I finished the call, his wife said their conversation was about a gambling site and all I had to do was drop my data and I would receive N2,000 every three days. They said I must be 18 to play. I told them I would be back on Friday, November 13, when I would have hit 6 pm. “

The victim said that after returning from church on Sunday that week, she went to the police department.

“I sat on the edge of the chair by the door, while he sat in the chair near his room. He said that he had just woken up and that he should come back later.

“I was about to leave when he called me and asked what time it was. I told him it was 1:42 pm; He said his wife would be back at 3pm. It was then that I knew that his family was not around. I got up to go and he told me to hug him, but I refused; He hugged me tightly and dragged me into the room. He told me to lie down on the bed, but I refused. He pushed me onto the bed and started kissing and touching me.

“I struggled to get him out, but he grabbed my legs and had sex with me. I begged him to stop, but he didn’t answer me. I couldn’t scream because I was afraid of what he might do to me. He’s a policeman and he may have a gun in the house. Also, people were making noise outside, so that no one would hear me.

“I told him to find a condom so he could loosen me and I could figure out what to do, but he didn’t answer me,” he added.

The victims’ father, who demanded justice, said that when he learned of the rape, he challenged the suspect, but denied it.

“He said my daughter was lying against him. I took my daughter to a hospital and they did some tests. I also filed a complaint at the Ipaja Police Station. The policemen were sent to his apartment, but he was not present. They also called his office, and when they could not present it, I denounced a rights group and we went to the Mirabel Center where the tests were carried out.

“After they waited for him to appear at the Ipaja Police Station and he did not, the case was transferred to the Ikeja Gender Unit. The man didn’t show up until Monday after sending people to plead with me. When I asked him why he raped my daughter, he said it was the devil’s doing. I want justice because my daughter is traumatized, ”he added.

PUNCH Metro obtained a voice memo that the suspect reportedly sent to the victim’s father, asking for forgiveness.

Speaking in Yoruba, he said, “Please, I beg you in the name of God, treat me like a prodigal son who has offended his father. I have nothing to say before God and men because I know how you treat me and my family; you are like a daddy to me.

“I beg you in the name of God and the creator of my children, mother and deceased father. I am like the breadwinner of my family; If you continue with this case, you want to make my parents cry and you don’t want me to achieve my goal in life because this is becoming more than I expected.

“If I can’t continue again, it will be fine for me to take my life, but who will take care of my children? There is no one Please daddy, I beg you in the name of God, with the blood of Jesus, have mercy on me, tell me the way to go. I couldn’t eat or drink since it happened. I have done my best to talk to God; Even if I bring a lot of people to plead with you, they cannot match my sin before you. “

Esther Child Rights Foundation Executive Director Esther Ogwu urged parents to be vigilant.

“I also want to advise parents to tell their children to be careful where they go; they should not enter people’s houses anyway because it is dangerous, ”he added.

The state police public relations officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, promised to react after receiving all the details.

It had not yet done so at the time of submitting this report.