Lagos East bye-elections: Governor Sanwo-Olu woes electorate for APC

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu approved the resumption of all public servants in GL 1-12 with effect from Monday, November 2, 2020.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu implored residents of the Lagos Eastern Senate District on Friday to vote for the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidates in the Dec. 5 by-elections.

Sanwo-Olu solicited votes during the inauguration of the 28-room Senador Bayo Osinowo Administrative Block at the Local Council Development Area Secretariat (LCDA) of Agboyi-Ketu, Alapere, Lagos.

He urged the electorate to vote en masse for Mr. Tokunbo Abiru for the Lagos Eastern Senate District and Mr. Obafemi Saheed for the Kosofe Electoral District II, Lagos State House of Assembly.

The two seats were vacated after the death of Senator Bayo Osinowo and Hon. Tunde Buraimoh earlier this year.

Sanwo-Olu implored area residents to work toward victory for APC in the by-elections.

“I want you to come out next Saturday, December 5, and vote en masse for our candidates, Tokunbo Abiru and Obafemi Saheed. Our party must have a large number of votes from the local Kosofe government.

“APC candidates are people you can trust. Therefore, we must all support Abiru to win the senatorial election and Saheed for the Lagos Assembly. We all have to work hard to make sure they win, ”he said.

In his speech, Agboyi-Ketu LCDA President Dele Oshinowo said that APC had put forward the best candidates among the best for the December 5 by-elections.

“My people at Agboyi-Ketu LCDA, please do not be fooled or duped by the retrogrades, you are free to conduct a background check on the candidates presented by our party.

“The facts are in the public domain and come from all assessments of his personality. It is obvious that the APC has presented the best candidates among the best.

“For our administration to succeed and continue to flourish with historic achievements like today’s launch, my determined people at Agboyi-Ketu LCDA, I implore you to come out en masse and vote for our party’s candidates,” said Oshinowo.

He said this would allow his administration to integrate into the candidates’ plans, both in the federal and state legislatures.

In the long run, he says, the citizens of the LCDA will enjoy more dividends from democracy through a strong partnership.

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