Lagos East: APC Sues PDP Candidate, Gbadamosi For Certificate Falsification

The All Progressives Congress (APC), Lagos state, has dragged the candidate of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) for the by-elections to the senator on December 5 in East Lagos, Babatunde Gbadamosi, before a Federal High Court, Ikoyi for alleged perjury and forgery. of certificates.

Lagos APC’s attorneys, Mr. Kemi Pinheiro (SAN) from Pinheiro LP and Mr. Kemi Balogun (SAN) from Oluwakemi Balogun LP filed the lawsuit in court on Monday, asking him to disqualify Gbadamosi from contesting the by-election.

The APC filed the lawsuit against the PPD candidate and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) accompanied by documents to prove his case.

In Complaint NO: FHC / L / CS / 1659/2020, the APC claimed that it studied the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) certificate, which Gbadamosi presented to INEC in comparison with its certificate obtained from the official WAEC website.

The party, in its subpoenas, claimed to have discovered certain discrepancies in the certificates, which according to the APC, indicated that the WAEC certificate that Gbadamosi presented to the INEC could have been forged.

He stated that some of the discrepancies observed in Gbadamosi’s WAEC certificate include that the number of courses the PDP candidate allegedly took “is different from the number of courses they took as listed on the WAEC website.

“Furthermore, the qualifications it claims to have received through the certificate are different from those listed on the official WAEC website,” the APC stated in its convocation briefs.

The WAEC certificate, which Gbadamosi presented to INEC, revealed that the PDP candidate only took five subjects: English Language with an A3 grade, English Literature C5; History C5; Commerce C4 and Biology P7.

However, details of the Gbadamosi result obtained from the official WAEC website revealed that the PDP candidate for eight subjects had F-9s in Biblical Knowledge; F-9 in Economics; F-9 in Mathematics; English language A-3; C-5 in English Literature; C-5 in History; C-4 in Commerce and P-7 Biology.

The APC also alleged that the PDP candidate filled out the EC9 form that he attended Lagos State University after obtaining his WAEC certificate in 1985, which it argued was suspicious because he did not meet the university admission requirements.

For these reasons, the APC asked the court to disqualify the PPD and Gbadamosi from contesting the upcoming by-elections for the senator in Lagos Este, which the INEC had rescheduled for December 5.

In addition to asking the court to disqualify the PPD candidate from contesting the senatorial by-elections of December 5 in Lagos Este, the APC prayed that the court also “disqualify him from contesting future elections in view of the forged certificate he presented to INEC. “

Likewise, in its complaint brief, the APC stated that it had carefully studied Forms EC9 and CF001 Gbadamosi, filled out and presented to INEC for the purposes of the parliamentary senatorial election on December 5.

The party alleged that the PPD candidate made several false statements under oath about his work experience, his educational qualifications and some other aspects.

It also alleged that Gbadamosi did not participate in the mandatory one-year National Youth Service (NYSC), which according to the APC, indicated that making “false statements under oath and not participating in mandatory national service are crimes under our criminal laws.”

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