Kwesi Aning: Corruption is ‘business’ in Ghana

Professor Emmanuel Kwesi Aning said that without corruption,

The Director of the Faculty of Academic Affairs and Research at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center (KAIPTC) has said that corruption is a business in Ghana that unites society.

Professor Emmanuel Kwesi Aning said that without corruption, “the building of what we call the Ghana company will collapse.”

The security analyst added that the types of corruption that people see in today’s society is due to how attractive it is to people’s morale and how sloppy law enforcement is.

“Corruption is a multibillion dollar business,” he said.

He said in a JoyNews program that the issue of corruption has not been understood and the scenarios that link it have not been properly identified.

“… We are not looking at the networks that support it, we are not looking at the levels of collusion, we are not looking at the way in which the rules that should be applied first in the identification, investigation and restitution well applied are being applied.”

He explained that until society accepts that corruption is a social canker, it would always view the corrupt practices that people commit as minimal.

“Until we understand this as acceptability, that corruption is a canker and is contributing to our inability to live a proper life, then the little corruptions that people are involved with, we would say this is a little corruption. Corruption is corruption. “

He emphasized the fact that there is a need to see collusion in a broader scope and the networks that support it.

Professor Aning’s beliefs, “Corruption transcends religious beliefs, political affiliation, old-school networks, ethnicity.”

Public perception, he said, plays a key role.

He said that until we start connecting the dots and find all the missing links, corrupt practices will continue.

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