Khafi slams womb watchers who are questioning if she’s pregnant

Naija’s old roommate, older brother, Khafi kareem, has criticized womb watchers on his social media pages.

Khafi criticizes womb watchers

The former London police warned them saying they would start blocking people who question their stomach in pictures.

According to her, it has to end because women already go through a lot. Read what he wrote on his Instagram page below …

The way I see the next person leaving a comment about pregnancy on my post. Read on if you don’t want to BLOCK. (I’m not kidding).

I’ve ignored them longer now, but according to womb watchers on social media, I’ve been pregnant for over a YEAR. So let me get this out of my heart. Some people naturally have flat stomachs and some people naturally have large stomachs. The latter is ME. And when I’m on my period it’s even BIGGER. I don’t owe anyone a flat stomach, but I still try to suck my belly in every photo and sometimes do it better than others. The worst part is that even when I’m proud of my ‘sucking skills’ on a particular image, there is always SOMEONE still commenting on the pregnancy. This is a habit that HAS TO STOP.

First of all, women are more than baby-making machines. The fertility of a woman or the decision to start a family is for her to decide, not for you to comment on in each of the images … Should our stomachs always be the first thing you look at? ?

Second, I speak not only for myself, but also for women in general. You may have good intentions when commenting on the pregnancy, but it’s not always a compliment. For women who have had miscarriages, have tried unsuccessfully for a baby, or are simply conscious of their weight, it can be very distressing, triggering, and also puts a lot of undue pressure on them. So unless someone has announced a pregnancy or told you, please be nice and DO NOT COMMENT OR CONGRATULATE.

Believe me, when the time is right, I welcome pregnancy (twins please, Lord! ????) and starting a family in God’s timing. But until I’ve said I’m expecting, please stop commenting on the pregnancy. I will no longer have patience with them and anyone who writes such comments will be BLOCKED.

For those who mean well thank you very much I love you all But for amoebos please be amoebos elsewhere. It’s enough pressure to be a woman, so let’s not add it. Happy Sunday ?

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