June 12: Store Foodstuffs Ahead Of D-Day, Nigeria Will Shut Down If Yoruba Person Is Killed

This was made known by Olayomi Koiki, media spokesperson for Yoruba freedom fighter Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) in a Facebook broadcast.

Highly accused Yoruba Nation agitators have threatened to shut down the country if there is bloodshed in the southwest region during the protest to be held on June 12, Democracy Day.

This was made known by Olayomi Koiki, media spokesperson for Yoruba freedom fighter Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) in a Facebook broadcast monitored by SaharaReporters.

SaharaReporters reported last week that the national Democracy Day protest on June 12 was gathering momentum as Nigerians in more than 30 cities around the world had shown solidarity to register their discontent over the country’s state of insecurity.

Civil society organizations and human rights activists had called for a national protest on June 12, Nigeria’s Democracy Day, against the administration led by Muhammadu Buhari.

Human rights activist Omoyele Sowore, in a Twitter post last Thursday, said that residents of some 31 cities had confirmed their readiness for the mass protest.

But there are clever reports that soldiers and police are being deployed to the southwest and southeast regions to avoid the June 12 protests.

Koiki, on the live broadcast, called for the support of the Southwest governors, requesting that they warn soldiers and police to stay away from protesters.

He said: “Let us warn the federal government that if there is bloodshed this weekend, the international community is watching. If the army kills any Nigerians this weekend, it will be very hot.

“We will shut down the entire system if there is a single bloodshed. The June 12 protest will take place and nothing should happen to any indigenous Yoruba.

“Nothing must happen in Yorubaland, if something happens, we will destroy everything. We have information that the Federal Government has deployed the military in the Southwest this weekend, if they try anything, there will be problems.

“We will make sure that the Fulani leave our land, they have taken over the whole country, they control everything, what we want is self-determination.

“We are not only talking about the Fulani in the mountains or those who are killing people, we are talking about those who control the country.

“They are calling us secessionists, no, we are not, the only thing we have been crying out for is self-determination.

Governors of the Southwest, we thank you for leaving us alone to conduct our rallies, but warn the military not to deploy armored tanks this weekend. Nothing can stop the Yoruba Nation because it is a country unto itself.

“The manifestation of the Yoruba Nation will take place in every part of the Yoruba land and in the rest of the country where it will take place. Tell all Yoruba politicians to come back before it is too late, we will not hold any elections in 2023.

“The red alarm will start on Friday. People should stock up on food starting Friday night. No Southwest student is to go to school on Friday. Parents, let your children stay home.

“We are not going back this weekend. We are ready to recover what belongs to us. We have tolerated nonsense for too long and now it must come to an end. “


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