‘It Isn’t Prudent To Tell Someone To Wait For You To Be Ready For Relationships Because The Future Is Unknown’ – Young People Advised

Renowned Ghanaian counselor, Counselor Adofoli, has advised young people not to tell people to wait until they are ready for relationships.
According to him, the future is unknown, so telling someone to wait for you is not a wise thing as an individual.

He did know in a recent post that says;

Written by counselor Adofoli
It often happens that when one approaches another on behalf of marriage, relationship, or dating, and the proposal is not accepted, the rejected person is anxious to know why they were rejected. If it seems that the one they want is not ready for the relationship they were looking for, they are quick to give these answers “I am willing to wait until you are ready”, others respond “if you are willing to wait for me, then we can have a relationship in the future” .

Such decisions often lead to heart breaks. When the time of the supposed relationship comes, either you are no longer the type of person they want, or they are in love with someone else, etc., which makes the one who told them to wait to be seen as a liar and a bad person for wasting time or tricking them.

One thing people forget is that no human being has power or control over the times and seasons. You don’t even know what will happen in the next hour. You can plan, forecast, but the result can always be something different.

Therefore, it is not wise to tell someone to wait until they are ready for relationships. The future is unknown. Once again, man can propose but it is the will of God that will prevail. The best thing to do when you’re not ready is to tell anyone who wants to be in a relationship with you now to move on.

If that person insists on waiting for you, tell him to wait on God and not on you, because only God has control over the future, not you. If it’s God’s will that the two of you be together, nothing on earth can stop it and if it’s not God’s will that the two of you be together, nothing can make that happen successfully.

The future is in God’s hands, so direct them to the One who sustains the future, who knows the end from the beginning. It is not in your place to predict the future. When you learn to lead your suitor to God, even if you change your mind about him in the future, your suitor will not have to blame you. Because they had no expectations and you didn’t ask them to wait for you, you won’t break their hearts.

Sometimes some people are just not honest. They know very well from the first day that the one who proposes to them is not their preferred future spouse and there is no way they will accept his proposal or end them, however they go ahead and tell them “if you can wait for them …”
Some give long years as a waiting period, thinking that this will discourage or alienate the suitor.

But sadly, the suitor agrees to wait. Soon you behave in a certain way just to push them away, but they refuse to go because of the security they give you. You are not being fair to them; You are making them suffer just for loving you or wanting to be with you. The painful part of their process is knowing that they cannot or will never be with you.

You don’t need to lie to the person who loves you or wants to marry you or be in a relationship with you. Be clear, if telling the truth makes you an enemy, it is far better to be an honest enemy than to be a fake friend or a fake lover or a fake future spouse / partner.

In conclusion, “Jesus told them:” Times and occasions are established by my Father’s own authority, and it is not for you to know when they will be “- Acts 1: 7 (GNT)”.

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