Indian farmers protest against farm laws

Police in the northern states of India, Punjab and Haryana, on Thursday had to prevent farmers at different interstate borders from entering Delhi, who planned to protest against recently passed farm laws.

The protesting farmers claim that the three farm laws were detrimental to their interests. On the other hand, the federal government said that the new laws aim to “liberalize” the agricultural sector and promise more income to farmers.

A large number of farmers’ organizations in Haryana and Punjab states had called for a two-day protest in Delhi on Thursday and Friday.

Television images showed peasants breaking through the barricades set up by police personnel. Some even threw the barricades into a river, while the police dispersed farmers with water cannons and tear gas shells.

Thousands of farmers gathered at the Ambala-Patiala border between Punjab and Haryana states and turned violent as some pushed heavy government vehicles. Police reinforcements were called in to control the violent crowds, local media reports said.

The three agricultural laws passed by parliament included the 2020 Agricultural Products Trade and Trade (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, the 2020 Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Guarantee and Agricultural Services, and the Essential Products Act. (Amendment) of 2020..

The federal government said the new laws would help deregulate farm markets and help the nation’s farmers earn more.

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