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I’ll Tear My Passport If Tinubu Becomes President – Bode George

A former national vice president of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Bode George, has signaled that he will tear his passport if the national leader of the Congress of All Progressives, Bola Tinubu, emerges as Nigerian president in 2023.

The PDP chief, addressing PDP members in Lagos state, said: “The truth has only one face, one color, one reality. It is in this that we stand as we embark on the rescue of our state from the greedy clutches of the usurper Iragbiji and ultimately advance on the crucial journey toward our collective national salvation. “

“It’s quite funny when I see some mercenary suitors prancing through Nigerian space, hallucinating about an elusive presidential ambition. Yes, hallucinating because they don’t have their priorities right. “

“Even when every corner of the country is faced with varied insecurities ranging from banditry, urban outlaws, dishonest herdsmen, destructive fisipara forces, murderous Boko Haram terrorists and various insidious elements, the top priority of all patriots of Righteous thinking should be to restore peace and harmony among our people rather than the mercantile quest for a chimerical presidential candidacy. This is what is called true political skill. This is what is called discerning and progressive leadership. “

He also affirmed that the excessive centralization of power is destroying the progress of the country. He described political office holders who are embezzling everyone’s money as greedy.

In his speech entitled “Nigeria: Time to chart a new direction”, Chief George said: “Nigerian politics is now drifting towards its elastic limit. You are now overloaded and overloaded beyond the limits of acceptability. Our survival as a nation is really being questioned from the desert to the sea. “

“Violence is breaking out everywhere, from the far outpost of Ajangbadi in Lagos to the furthest reaches of Malum-Fatori in Borno, from Kiṣi in Oke-Ogun to Odiani in the swamps of the Delta; our nation gradually descends into dangerous territory where government bayonet and sticks seem to be the norm. We sure can’t go on like this. Our survival as a people consists of reversing the ruinous course and recovering from the enormous abyss that we all face. “

“This is the time to change the path of yesteryear, to look beyond what is hindering our progress, to redefine our value system, to modify and restructure the various anomalies that currently hinder the greater possibilities of the Nigerian Union.”

Other dignitaries in attendance were the Secretary, Southwest PDP, Hon Rahman Owokoniran; the former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Chief Kofoworola Bucknor-Akerele, Chief Remi Akitoye and the Chief of Ms. Onikepo Oshodi.

“Our political culture is still very engrossed in glorifying cronyism over the intellect, celebrating charlatans over patriotic engagement, narrow worship of current gains over truth, and basic retreat into nepotist laager over the common good.” .

“And our nation is losing approximately $ 29 billion each year due to the supply of epileptic energy. This is not sustainable. Electric power is the lifeblood of every industrial revolution. It is the fuel of all economic development ”.

“A nation without an efficient energy supply cannot enter the bright dawn of digital civilization. It is forever trapped on the dark and gloomy side of economic underdevelopment and inevitably reels into economic ruin. “

“Indeed, something must give way to stimulate a Nigerian rebirth and renewal so that we do not become the permanent invalid giant of Africa.”

“To change the cause, to redefine our path, we must cultivate the essential ingredients of meritocracy as the fundamental pillars of modern nations. Wherever young, vibrant and intelligent minds are given a place of honor to direct the destinies of their nations, these societies are invariably expanding opportunities for competitive growth, fostering a healthy competition of ideas, and strengthening their development advantages. “

“Our young men and women who stand out from the Russian tundra to St. Albert in Canada are symbols of our great potential if we only do the right things; If only we promote knowledge and be kind to talent; If only we ignore the narrow province of nepotism and embrace merit regardless of its origin.

“Ours is now an avant-garde democracy where characters of dubious and imperfect identities have virtually seized our collective coffers, turning a town’s treasury into a private family vault.

“The state of Lagos, my state so downtrodden that a writer recently referred to as a zombie state is perhaps the best example of a seized and conquered territory where a native of Iragbiji dwells as an obscene Persian monarch determining who becomes a councilor, who becomes a local government president, who becomes an assemblyman, who becomes a representative, senator and governor.

“All this he does by compromising all the agencies and organs of the state, including the deformed electoral commission itself.

“Leadership is the product of training, experience and learning. It is a process, not an instant and immediate arrival. Leadership requires a lot of patience, cultivated wisdom, and demonstrated intelligence. You don’t aspire to a leadership position out of mere whim and fantasy. As the Boy Scout motto goes: You must be prepared. You must be honorable. You must look beyond personal advantage and be willing to make sacrifices on behalf of others. This is what current political practice lacks.

“At this juncture, I must return to my state again in the face of selfish, dubious and incongruous legislation that seeks to protect looters of our state treasury from the fiscal mandate of the EFCC. According to the records, in the year 2020, the Alpha Beta company, owned by Bola Tinubu, raised approximately 37 billion nairas from our treasury without lifting a finger. If this is not a simple robbery in the light of day, I wonder what it is.


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