IGP Adamu Lists When Police Officer Can Use Firearms(Full List)

IGP Adamu

IGP Adamu has listed when the police officer can use firearms.

Nigeria online news understands that the Inspector General of Police, IGP Muhammad Adamu, reiterated that police officers are constitutionally empowered to use their firearms to protect lives and property.

The police chief said this while asking his men not to be discouraged by protests organized by the youth calling for an end to the Special Anti-Theft Squad at the Ogun State Police Command headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta on Thursday.

He also told his officers not to hesitate to use their firearms to protect themselves when in danger.

“Their arms are supposed to be used to protect lives and property. Constitutionally when there is protest for violence, the constitution allows you to use your firearm, when individuals or groups of people are illegal; you are allowed to use your firearm.

“Do not be discouraged, get out and do your duties, no one can do it, it is your constitutional responsibility and you must do it. No intimidation can stop us from doing our job.

“No one can demoralize us, no one can prevent us or make us shy away from the performance of our duties. The responsibility to protect lives and property is given to the police and you are licensed to carry weapons.

“We encourage you to go out and do your duties without fear or favor and without fear of any victimization. Be brave, civil and calm and follow procedures in the performance of your duties.

“To defend himself and he has no other means to escape any attack, he is allowed to use his firearm, but he is not allowed to kill. As police officers, you are not allowed to kill, when you use your firearm you are supposed to mutilate.

“You shouldn’t avoid using your firearms for these purposes, but don’t kill.

“If in the process of performing your duties, an error arises and we know that you followed all the necessary procedures, we will stand behind you, support you and make sure you are not disturbed,” Adamu said.

The State Police Commissioner, CP Edward Awolowo Ajogun, had previously said in his welcoming speech that the IGP’s visit would raise the morale of the police officers in the state.

Ajogun explained that, around seven divisional headquarters were vandalized in the state with the DCO of the Atan-Ota division, DSP Ogbeche lost his life during the EndSARS protest.

However, he said the state police have returned to their respective duty posts as it is their duty to protect lives and property.

He promised that the command would remain loyal and more professional in its desire to serve the people of the state, thanking the IGP for raising the lower ranks to their next levels.