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Igbo Leader Threatens to do This If They Fail to Rule Nigeria in 2023 (Details below)

An Igbo body known as the Igbo National Council, has urged the country’s main political parties to administer their presidential flags to an Igbo man for the 2023 elections.

They gave this advice after their meeting in the capital city of Imo state, Owerri.

They urged major parties, such as the People’s Democratic Party and the Congress of All Progressives, to do well to consider an Igbo man for justice and fairness to prevail.

They warned that if political parties took the demand less seriously, the people of the southeast would be left with the only alternative of secession. They say they would work to enforce their inalienable right to secession enshrined in various international laws and statutes.

The organization disclosed this as included in the agreements they reached in the course of their conference.

The council lamented the unreasonable damage to lives and property by murderous herders in the country.

They pointed out that it was a matter of immediate necessity that the country be saved from the current rate of insecurity and economic and political problems.

They called on Nigerians to reject beef as a way to punish murderous herders in the country.

They also demanded that the country’s central administration proclaim Miyetti Allah a terrorist group for its solidarity with the murderous herdsmen and its blatant involvement in terrorist acts in Nigeria.

Well, the Igbo National Council has spoken well, but you must understand that your call for a president of Igbo extraction is not achievable, not even now that the one who hates the Igbos is the President of Nigeria.

What makes some people believe that Buhari would allow an Igbo man to succeed him as President of Nigeria? This is something that cannot happen in this generation.

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Edujandon.com - News updates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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