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I Was Screaming For Help But The Driver Locked The Doors So That Nobody Could Hear Me

A young woman has taken to her Instagram page to narrate what happened between her, her brother and a Bolt Driver this morning. In her post, the lady revealed that she and her sister asked for a ride today. They went from Ogba to Ojota. So when you opened the Bolt app, you saw N1,100 as the estimated cost to pay for your trip.

She said that when the trip started, she noticed the driver was going through a different route which is a busy highway. He said he got the driver’s attention and told him that there is a better and faster route he could have taken. He said the driver didn’t even answer him. When they got to the middle of the road where there was traffic, she told the driver that it was the exact amount she saw on the application as the estimated charges she would pay with no additional money.

They reached their destination (Bustop Ojota) and the driver ended the trip and told him to pay N1,300 because the traffic caused a slight delay during the trip. She insisted that he told him to take a faster route and he did not listen to her, so he would not pay more than the normal charges (1,100). So, she gave him the 1,100 but the driver refused and the next thing he did was lock all the car doors so they couldn’t get out. She said they were yelling in his car but he didn’t answer them. Luckily for them, a LASTMA officer was passing by at that moment.

When the driver saw the Officers, he opened the door and when one of the sisters jumped out, he refused to let the other one out. The lady said she was still trapped in the car at the time, but her sister came to the attention of LASTMA immediately when she got out. The driver then stopped and attacked them both. She said the driver hit them both. She posted photos of her swollen face to show everyone how the Driver hurt her and her sister before taking off.

It is worrying that some men are treating women without any respect in society. Imagine if they weren’t in the middle of the road, what would the driver have done to them, just for extra charges? The lady has asked for the help of all well-meaning Nigerians to help her get the justice she deserves.

His story below:


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