Husband Caught 7 Months- Old Pregnant Wife In The Act With Another Man And Beat Her Up (Photos below)

It is said that when a man cheats on his wife, he is probably cheating on someone he does not love. You may just want to try other “soups.” But when a woman cheats, she is probably cheating on someone she loves, someone she could replace her husband with.

The case of a woman in Mukuyu, Mautuma area in Lugari sub-county left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. The legally married woman pregnant with a 7-month-old baby was caught red-handed with another man in her marriage bed.

The worst part is that the man caught with her is even a pastor in her neighborhood.

The woman’s husband, who works in Nakuru County, returned home unannounced and caught the pastor, Peter Afagara, in bed with his wife at 4 a.m. The incident occurred in Mukuyu, Mautuma area in Lugari sub-county.

The husband said that a neighbor informed him about his wife’s activities with the pastor every time he was away for work.

“On Wednesday night, I traveled to Lugari from Nakuru without alerting my wife. At 4 am I went home without warning and caught the pastor in the act with my partner, ”said the woman’s husband.

The man, as reported by local Kenyan media, calls meetings of all the elders of the family where the matter is resolved. The woman accused the man of negligence, especially since she became pregnant.

The man admitted guilt. He couldn’t imagine raising his wife at such a pregnant stage. However, the woman thinks otherwise. She claimed that she needed him the most during this time. It was her husband’s lack of warmth that led her into the pastor’s arms.

But is this reason enough to cheat on your husband not caring about the fact that you are pregnant? Could it be that the pastor is responsible for the pregnancy? Well, be the judge.

Meanwhile, the pastor, Peter Afagara, for his part, admitted his guilt and asked his lover’s partner to forgive him.


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