How to Obtain a Canada Study Permit

Canada study permit

As a Nigerian, you will need a study permit to go to school in Canada. The following are steps to achieve this:

Get admission

Before you can obtain the study permit, you must have received an offer of admission from a Canadian college or university. In other words, you apply to a university or college of your choice, complete its admission requirements, and obtain an acceptance letter. Once it is resolved, you can proceed to apply for a visa.

Apply for a student visa

Once you have your proof of acceptance, you can proceed to complete the Canada student visa application online. The application will require your personal information along with the supporting documents. This will include your Nigerian passport, photograph, proof of acceptance in a Canadian school, health status report, proof of financial support, police certificates and academic qualifications. Be sure to follow the instructions on the website to complete the form and submit the documents.

Full VAC quotes

After submitting the application and paying the required fee, you will be scheduled for the next process at the Visa Application Center (VAC). This will include your biometrics appointment where your fingerprints and photographs will be taken. You will also be scheduled for a visa interview.

Collect your passport

After a successful application, you will be notified when your passport, along with other travel documents, will be ready to be collected. You can visit the visa application center to collect your documents or have them returned to you via courier.

Is it worth going to Canada study visa?

Wondering if your academic and career goals in Canada are worth pursuing? The answer is a big YES. Considering the many opportunities offered to Nigerian students, the value of a degree or diploma obtained in Canada cannot be overstated. Also, there are hundreds of scholarships available for Nigerian students in Canada. You can also work while you study to support yourself financially. There is also the opportunity to return to work and gain experience after studying. Make that bold move today and start your application process, a move you would like to have made.