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How To Invest in Cryptocurrencies for beginners: Step-by-Step Guide.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies for beginners: step by step guide.

Even though cryptocurrency has only been around for a short time, it has already expanded into a vast and complicated field that can be difficult for beginners to understand. But with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies experiencing large fluctuations in price, there is the opportunity for big profits … Therefore, many people are trying to keep up with the progress and are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. Digital platforms like Coinbox.org and others have made it much easier for people to invest in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS et al.

However, the process is more complicated than buying a traditional coin. So if you are still interested in buying Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, here are some tips that you may find helpful.

The first thing you should do to start investing or trading cryptocurrencies is to choose a reliable and convenient wallet, with which you will carry out monetary transactions and where you will store your cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look at some simple steps to start investing in cryptocurrencies using the Coinbox.org wallet as an example.

Why choose Coinbox.org?

  • the Coinbox.org The application is currently available in more than 187 countries around the world and has more than 1,000,000 active users.
  • By integrating all the tokens of the ETH, BNB, TRX and EOS blockchains, Coinbox.org made more than 5000 cryptocurrencies and tokens available to all who are interested in investing in digital assets.
  • the Coinbox.org The mobile application is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. There is also the web version.
  • The transactions here are clear and fast.
  • You can sell BTC from all over the world to your Paypal account.
  • There is an easier way to trade any cryptocurrency here.
  • Coinbox.org it is one of the best solutions if you need to sell bitcoins in the EU. You can sell BTC directly through SEPA to your bank account.
  • Extended security settings that allow you to log in via face-id, touch-id or classic passwords and codes, change your BTC address after each incoming transaction, and confirm transactions by email.
  • Gambling assets and rewards: Coinbox.org allows you to earn passive income simply by keeping cryptocurrencies in your wallet, the so-called staking. The bet is available for the cryptocurrency ALGO, based on the open blockchain platform Proof-of-Stake Algorand. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is 6.12% for ALGO.

Ready to invest in cryptocurrencies? These are the steps:

  1. First you need to download the application (you can also use the web version, whatever is more convenient for you);
  2. Create your Coinbox.org bill. If you already have an account, you just need to log in.
  3. As soon as you log into the app, you can see the list of supported cryptocurrencies and tokens. Now you can choose the currency you want to buy. By the way, you don’t need to buy a full Bitcoin, you can buy it for the right amount for you right now.
  4. Buy, sell (only for BTC) and exchange your coins and tokens in the corresponding tabs. These operations are instantaneous, they proceed in several clicks, nothing more.
  5. In the “Prices” section you can see the current cryptocurrency rates and the main news, which will help you make your investments rational and effective.
  6. Earn a passive income simply by keeping cryptocurrencies in your wallet, the so-called staking. At Coinbox.org the bet is available for the cryptocurrency ALGO with APY is 6.12%.

Conclusion. As you can see, investing in cryptocurrencies is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. As in any other business, the most important thing is to start and with time you will understand it more and more.

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