How Policemen Inserted Hot Iron Into My Private Part, Damaged My Ear Drum – Man Tells Lagos Panel

Omeli Humphery Darlington, a Nigerian, has accused the police of acute torture.

The man submitted a petition to the Lagos State Judicial Investigative Panel against the Nigerian Police about how he was brutalized and assaulted in 2013.

Darlington explained to the panel how he was wrongly accused by his company, First Bank of Nigeria, arrested and tortured for days.

He claimed that his eardrum had been damaged as a result of torture by the police officers.

He said: “This accusation was a crime I know nothing about, as all the evidence clearly points to those involved. But First Bank Of Nigeria Plc had to instigate the Nigerian Police to subject me to an illegal detention (11 days) with torture, without any fair hearing to date.

“At first, (09/25/2013), they took me to the Lion building police station, where I was detained for three days.

“I was discharged on the third day 09/27/2013, but on the way home, some of the security officers from First Bank’s head office (1. a MOPOL, 2. a spy cop, 3. Mr. Okon , 4. Mr. Abidemi) kidnapped me, blindfolded me and beat me with different objects within reach. The mobile cop who was with them kept hitting my head with the butt of his gun until blood began to spurt from both sides of my ears.

“They tried to kill me to make it look like I got lost on my way home, but God intervened using other citizens to rescue me (witnesses).

“The people who rescued me insisted that I be taken to a nearby police station which happened to be the Ikoyi police station on Lagos Island.

“Everyone joined the Ikoyi station where the masses handed me over to the police in the hope that I was safe, but when we entered, this group of First Bank agents ordered the police to torture me to admit to a crime of the I don’t know anything

“Ikoyi police officers (INSP. Adeleye Bashiru and her boys) proceeded to torture me that night based on a report by First Bank Security agents that I was a con artist and a criminal who defrauded the bank with N355m.

“The officers tortured me using iron bars to hit me in the joints, saying that I should take them to where I kept the money.

“Iron was inserted into my private part until I could no longer bear the pain and passed out.”

He said the torture continued in the cell for seven days before the police finally charged him with false charges.

He said that he was tried before Ms. AT Omoyele of the Higher Magistrates Court of Tinubu (II), Lagos, on charges of theft, conspiracy and forgery without presenting evidence to the court.

“I was unable to perfect my bail and had to remain in pretrial detention in Ikoyi Prison for the entire period until I finished disposing of my property just to meet the conditions of my bail.

“My eardrum was damaged along the line due to police beatings (doctor’s report attached) and I kept going to court until (02/24/2014) when the case against me was finally resolved for lack of diligent prosecution.

“You will be interested to know that I won a N500,000 judgment against the police in fulfilling my fundamental human rights claim that I filed against the police and First Bank after my release. Unfortunately, the police, in accordance with their position to deal with me, have blatantly refused to pay the debt of the judgment to date, ”he added.

Darlington prayed to the judicial panel to order the police to pay the sum awarded to him and other compensation that would allow him to receive adequate medical treatment, as his health condition had deteriorated.