How actress Eve Esin allegedly ruined a home and seized the woman’s kids

A recent report has alleged that popular actress Eve Esin ruined a home and kidnapped the woman’s children for months before she finally released them.

Popular blogger Gistlovers, who shared the news on Instagram, wrote;

“Details of how actress Eveesin ruined a house and took over the woman’s children for months before she finally freed them???

Aunt Eve reportedly used to be the wife’s friend, always visiting her when she was married to the man Eve had just become engaged to, visiting the woman’s home frequently, unaware that her intentions were to break the house of the lady,

Feeding the man with so many lies about the wife, until the Mumu man kicked me and the children out and then came back to find the children and took them to Eveesin olosho’s house, and the battle to get the children back started until that she got them. Then the man began communicating with the wife in 2018 asking her forgiveness,

But once Eve found out, she went to renew her charm, the man with the magic finger even visited his wife and children in Lagos last year, when Eve heard him, she went crazy, and forced his commitment, Mumu’s man took away their sef A woman who hits, while he was still married to his wife, if Eva tells him something like this, Na Gbas Gbos for the wife, he to hit the woman almost collapses,

As it is now, the man is already engaged to Eve and is still begging his wife to come home, he says that he still wants to be born and two more children join the above, who is going to solve this matter in this way ? Most of them Abandoning home since 1900, if they do not proclaim their Puna finish, their old age they will look for where to retire to put, if you get them as friends, their eyes shine well, do not make them happy, I see in peace ”.