House of Reps member faults AGF over claim that National Assembly can’t summon President Buhari


A member of the Ekiti State House of Representatives, Hon. Wumi Ogunlola, has criticized the Federation Attorney General and the Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami’s claim that the National Assembly lacks powers to convene President Muhammadu Buhari .

Ogunlola, a member of the Congress of All Progressives representing the federal Ijero / Efon / Ekiti West constituency of Ekiti state, said Malami was being “ smart ” in the middle to sustain such a claim at a time when the Nigerians were being ravaged by insurgents, kidnappers and bandits. .

The APC chief said this in Ijero Ekiti on Monday while empowering hundreds of his constituents.

Donated materials include a 3-bedroom building for an 80-year-old widow, Ms. Omowe Olaleye, 11 Sienna vehicles, 58 sewing machines, 56 motorcycles, 100 generator sets, 40 wheelchairs, 100 grinding machines, and cash gifts. for hundreds of students and widows. .

The lawmaker lampooned the AGF for the comment, saying that the House of Representatives respectfully invited President Buhari to speak about the country’s security situation due to Nigerians’ frustration and unrest.

She said: “Security is now the main agitation of all Nigerians. If you look at the ways in which banditry, kidnapping and insurgency thrive, we can only hope that the government will do what is necessary.

“Security is paramount for any government, apart from social welfare. We hope to do well. The House had advised the President to vet those responsible for our security apparatus and make the appropriate changes.

“I am also of the humble opinion that the security chiefs have ceased to be helpful, they are now supposed to be retired in the houses, but they still remain.

“If you keep doing certain things in the same way, you will get the same result. The GF must look critically at this sector and do the right thing.

“The House of Representatives has the right to summon a president. If the AGF said we don’t have those powers, it was only being half smart.

“The president is responsible to Nigerians, we can call him to explain any issue to Nigerians. That he (Malami) said that we now have the power to invite the president, I perceived it as a product of his own imagination and not of the government’s position.

Ogunlola said she decided to build and donate a three-bedroom apartment to an oppressed woman, Ms. Olaleye, and make other donations to rescue people from poverty.

The party’s state chairman, the Hon. Paul Omotoso, said lawmakers have not disappointed their constituents by the amount she has donated, describing her as a worthy ambassador for the people.

“We are happy that she did not let us down. The votes we gave him were not a waste. You have done well in this limited time. Whoever remembers the voters has shown the fear of God and deserves praise ”.

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