Group rejects South-South governors desire to control NDDC

Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)

A Niger Delta group, Vanguard for Transparent Leadership and Democracy (VATLAD), has condemned the desire of South-South governors to control the affairs of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The group described as false the governors’ claim that their demand for control stems from concerns about rot in the NDDC.

In a statement from Comrade Igbini Odafe Emmanuel, national president, the group

He reminded the South South governors that their continued inability to use oil derivatives funds and other ongoing funds to their states sparked the turmoil for the establishment of NDDC, which “will operate independently and without direct or indirect interference or control of our state governors or their agents. “

He described NDDC as an insulting threat from the governors of the South South, asking: “Who gave you this mandate, where and when?”

The group reminded the governor that no one person owns any South-South state or Nigeria, and therefore no governor can stop the activities of the NDDC.

“No state governor has the constitutional power to prevent an agency of the federal government from entering any state in Nigeria for the purpose of pursuing and ensuring the development of the state,” he said.

VATLAD said that while it agrees that there has unfortunately been massive fraud at NDDC in the last 20 years, “the story is no different in our states under our governors. The senseless looting of funds reaching our region by many South-South governors is more discouraging than that perpetrated at NDDC.

He said the threat issued by the governors exposes their “lack of understanding and total disregard for the express provisions of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution, as amended, which clearly establishes the principle of separation of powers of the three levels of government.”

The group challenges South South governors to “publish details of how they have so far spent the billions of naira they have received on our behalf from the Federation Account before they have the moral authority to even attempt to exercise their advisory privilege. in NDDC operations in our region.

“Once again, we vehemently oppose our governors’ attempt to interfere with the independence of the NDDC. NDDC is a creation of a National Assembly Act to be an independent Federal Government interventionist agency to help give hope to our people and region. No governor should be allowed to interfere or obstruct its operations in any part of our region. “

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