German Court Convicts IPOB Members Who Attacked Ekweremadu

Germany condemned four members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) who attacked Ike Ekweremadu, a former vice president of the Senate, TheCable can report.

They have also served their sentences, TheCable learned.

The sentences, which were handed down in August, went completely unnoticed, but diplomatic sources in Germany told TheCable on Friday that the four members of the IPOB were prosecuted for physical assault and sentenced to 20 days of work “without pay.”

The Nigerian embassy did not immediately respond to TheCable’s investigation into the identities of the convicts.

In 2019, the acting senator from the state of Enugu was beaten by agitators from Biafra in Nuremberg at an event organized by “Ndigbo Germany”.

The IPOB, which Nigeria had declared a terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the attack which it said “should serve as a warning” to Igbo leaders “that any day we meet them at a public event abroad, they will be humiliated” .

Nigerian government officials later informed TheCable that the Bavarian state police had identified four of the attackers in the course of their investigation.

The Nigerian embassy also pressured German federal authorities to bring the attackers to justice after initial reluctance by state police to investigate the assault that was captured on video.


Contrary to rumors on social media, no member of the IPOB was deported.

Under article 102 (1), chapter 3, of the German penal code, attacks against organs and representatives of foreign states are punishable by fines and imprisonment.

It states, “(1) Whoever commits an attack against the life or physical integrity of a foreign head of state, member of a foreign government, the head of a foreign diplomatic mission that is accredited in federal territory while the victim is in Germany in their official capacity shall be punished with a custodial sentence of no more than five years or a fine, in especially serious cases with a custodial sentence of not less than one year.

“(2) In addition to a prison sentence of at least six months, the court may order the loss of the ability to hold public office to vote and be elected in public elections (Article 45 (2) and (5)”.

However, Ekweremadu was not on official duty in Germany when he was attacked.

The Nigerian embassy source told TheCable that two of the attackers had initially filed an appeal against their conviction, but later withdrew it.

“Only the four people identified were sentenced to 20 days of work without pay. The sponsors were not identified, so they were not prosecuted, ”said the source.

Although Ekweremadu could initiate a civil case against the attackers, TheCable understands that it has not done so yet.

However, a source close to the senator said that the legislator has no interest in the issue, although he is aware of the conviction.

Emma Powerful, a spokeswoman for IPOB, did not immediately respond to TheCable’s query on the matter.