Friends Hold down Boy From Pulling His Cloth And Running Into Main Market After He Smoked Colorado (Video)

Friends hold the boy to keep him from pulling on his clothes and running to the main market after he smoked Colorado.

The young man smokes on a dose of Colorado that resulted in a mental disorder.

According to the video, his friends tried to calm him by giving him small bags of water to drink to help him recover.

But his response to the water was worse as he was dragging himself and fighting with his friends out of ignorance after taking the two bags of water they gave him.

His friends were almost frustrated as they kept saying calm down now, calm down, but he kept seeing everyone as his enemies.

His friends never retaliate because they knew he was not himself, after all the effort to get him to come back to himself, he later lay down on the ground alone, which finally ended his misbehavior.

See the video below;

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