Final Year Civil Engineering Student Of UNIUYO Allegedly Murdered By A Pastor, SEE Why

Final Year Civil Engineering Student Of UNIUYO Allegedly Murdered By A Pastor, SEE Why

Investigations are ongoing into the murder of Gabriel Bassey Edward in the Ifa community, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

A certain pastor from Winner’s Chapel, in the community of Ifa, Uyo, who is a suspected suspect, has been arrested.

Said pastor was last seen by a neighbor leaving Gabriel’s residence last week on Monday with blood stains on his clothes, after the neighbor on the roof shouted JESUS ​​loudly.

The neighbor asked why the pastor had blood on his clothes, but the answer was that he was working at the deceased’s premises and was injured.

Gabriel was assassinated with a machete and objects from the winners’ chapel that were kept in his apartment, as well as some plastic chairs and the church banner, were taken from him.

We have not yet heard from the police about the proceedings so far. We hope to hear a positive response from the uniformed officers to the extent that they have told me that the alleged could take advantage of the financial capacity to exonerate himself, revealed the brother of the deceased.

The reason the pastor killed him is reportedly because the deceased wanted to expose the pastor.

Gabriel reportedly allowed Winners Chapel to leave his items in his apartment, for security reasons. He gave the pastor the spare key for easy access.

After a while she realized that her household items were missing and this had never happened. He met the pastor and followed him to find out where he was living, but upon arrival, he saw his missing household items at the pastor’s home. He informed the pastor about the missing items and allowed him to take the items away.

“We are not sure if the pastor killed him so that his cover does not blow away, as he was killed 2 days after his visit to the pastor’s home.

I am aware that this process will not bring Gabriel back to life, but it would be inappropriate for us to let this slide when we have the opportunity to let his case be handled well and whoever is involved in his murder to be tried in court. I would like to urge all of us to seek justice for Gabriel Bassey Edward. “


Remember also how a Nigerian man revealed how his uncle collected a gift car that his wife gave to their pastor.
It was deduced that the man went with his four friends.

The incident reportedly took place in the commercial city and territory of the Nigerian federal capital Abuja over the weekend.

A social media user identified as Ziggy on Twitter gave an account of the story.

According to Ziggy, within two years, the man’s wife had given him two cars that her husband bought from their pastor. The man could not bear the thought of losing the second car for the pastor, so he yelled at his friends who later accompanied him to the pastor’s house where they recovered the car.

Ziggy wrote: “My uncle and his friends went to pick up the car that his friend’s wife gave to their pastor… The second… in 2 years.

AHHH !!! Married woman pours hot water on her husband’s supposed chic side in Benue

A pretty Nigerian lady has been disfigured after being attacked by a married woman who accuses her of sleeping with her husband.

A married woman from Benue State left a 26-year-old woman with permanent scars after attacking her with hot water. He accused the young woman of having an affair with her husband.

In an report, 26-year-old Mnena Akpera recounted how she was attacked by her boss’s wife, Mrs. Faith Udende.

As a result of the incident, the lady, the daughter of a former commissioner in Benue State and a consultant to the recently established Benue Television, is fighting for her life in the Amenities Pavilion of the Federal Medical Center (FMC), Makurdi.

Narrating her ordeal to our correspondent, the young woman who is still healing from the hot water spilled on her face, arms and breasts insists that she had no romantic relationship with her boss, Mr. Jeff Udende, whose wife caused him the painful bodily injury.

How our relationship started – Akpera
The lady with a diploma in film and television production from Multichoice and Pan-Atlantic University, and who worked in Abuja before returning home to Gboko, Benue state, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, recounted how it began his contact with man. on April 26, 2020. That was the day he said Jeff called to inform him that his services were needed on the new Benue TV that was on view.

A Nigerian couple, Dr. Mike and Dr. Modupe Obiora have welcomed a pair of twins after 27 years of marriage without a child.

The dedication of the twins, a boy and a girl, took place at World Alive Church in Calabar, Cross River state, on Sunday, December 13.

Speaking at the dedication, the new graduate of the University of Calabar thanked God for wiping her tears. She also thanked her husband and family, as well as her own family and everyone who prayed for them during the 27 years of waiting.

“I want to thank God because he is God in truth. He is the God who does not wear a wristwatch. With Him, there is no time, there is no season. When people have dismissed their case, when the doctors said that it is not possible, God of possibility will show up on the screen, He will appear in their case and that is what He did. me. Most of you know my case, but thank God it is now in the past tense, ”he said.