See Photos Of A Lady Who Claim To Have The Biggest Backside In West Africa (Photos)

The challenge of which of the African women has the biggest butt has gone viral, and most of the women are posting their photos on social media showing their butt. But in the long run, it appears that West Africa is winning by a big difference.

Over the years, most women around the world have shared photos of their butt on social media and most of them hailed from West Africa. But a lady has wowed everyone recently after sharing her recent photos of her huge butt on social media.

Nice Eudoxie Yao is the name of the beautiful lady, who is an actress, TV host, model, and makeup artist. She is a citizen of the Ivory Coast and appears to be the lady with the biggest butt. She is not only gifted with a huge butt, but she is also very beautiful and is currently one of the hottest celebrities in the Ivory Coast.

In her recent post, most of the people were of the opinion that she fixed it, but it’s really amazing how the side always stays the same even in her different post.

The actress was spotted with the short-bodied man months ago, and many people criticize her choice of lover, as some said she is moving around him, for the money.