Millionaire businessman kills himself today after his family did this (Details below)

A wealthy and popular businessman committed suicide on Christmas morning in a bizarre event that left his entire neighborhood in shock. The 79-year-old is said to have had serious family differences over his vast empire that had dragged on for a long time.

According to, the man is said to have committed suicide after jumping into the Thangata River early in the morning. This shocking event is said to have been a repeat of another suicide attempt this week on Wednesday when he jumped into the same river. He was saved by good and willing people who managed to rescue him after he jumped into the fast moving water.

It is said that earlier today, he snuck out of his compound without his car and made his way to the exact same location where he previously attempted suicide. He jumped into the water and was discovered by children who went to fetch water but could not offer help. His body was taken to Thika Level 4 Hospital when family members began preparations for burial.

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