#EndSARS: How We Sold The Skulls Of 2 Policemen To Herbalist For N1,000 – Suspects Confess

Adewale Abiodun and Aliu Mubarak, two suspected thugs, were arrested by the police, The PUNCH reports.

The two men were arrested for being in possession of the burned skulls of the two policemen set on fire in Ibadan in the wake of the #EndSARS protest and gave graphic details of how they sold the skulls for N1,000 when they paraded on Friday.

Abiodun, 17, and Mubarak, 24, during an interview with journalists at the police headquarters in Eleyele, Ibadan, revealed that they sold the skulls to a herbalist in their neighborhood.

The two suspects, along with herbalist Oladipupo Ifakorede, were reportedly arrested in the Oluwo area of ​​Ibadan by men from the Rapid Intervention Unit of the Oyo State Police Command on Sunday, November 15.

Abiodun said: “On Monday October 22, Mubarak asked me to follow him to the Alabata area of ​​Ibadan, where his wife was staying. We got to Iwo Road and saw that the road was blocked. The smoke was rising. When we got closer to see what was happening, we saw humans being burned.

“The mob was beating the burned bodies with sticks and started taking the body parts. Mubarak came up to me and said that he wanted to take some parts of the body. He said he had someone he would sell them to. Mubarak went to take the two skulls.

“We went to the residence of the native doctor in our neighborhood. After negotiation, the native doctor gave us N500 with a promise to pay the balance of N500. He told us that it was not he who would use them, but that he would take them to a cleric in Ilorin, Kwara State, for ritual purposes.

“After leaving the native doctor’s residence, Mubarak and I went to a restaurant and used the N500 to eat. At approximately 7 in the afternoon of the same day, the native doctor saw me at a crossroads in our area and gave me the balance of N500. Mubarak and I share the money at 250 N each on the third day. “

Mubarak corroborated Abiodun’s confession, saying, “some people in the crowd removed their hands, legs, fingers and feet, while others collected the ashes from the burned bodies and carried them away. I told Abiodun that I would keep the skulls. “

State Police Commissioner Nwachukwu Enwonwu said the suspects will soon be prosecuted.