Ekiti university to resume Monday

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Ekiti Ado Ekiti State University has directed all newly admitted students for the 2019/2020 academic session to resume on Monday, November 23.

In a statement from the head of the Information Directorate, Mr. Bode Olofinmuagun, the university said that the resumption includes undergraduate, graduate and 100 university-level students.

Olofinmuagun noted that students are expected to complete their registration exercise and resume for other academic activities.

“All returning students are hereby advised to take personal precautions against COVID-19 by making sure to wear their face masks and hand sanitizers at all times on campus.

“The Vice Chancellor, Professor Edward Olanipekun, has assured parents, guardians and all returning students of the proper COVID-19 precautions and protocols that have been implemented by the university leadership,” he said.

Ekiti Assembly had intervened in the week in the confrontation between the university management and union leaders in an attempt to put an end to controversial issues at the institution.

Professor Olanipekun, at the meeting, empathized with the workers about the current situation at the university, saying that the management was not oblivious to the precarious financial situation of the institution.

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