Ekiti Retired Military Officers Cries Out, Appeals To Govt To Pay Their Pension

Ekiti Retired Military Officers Cries Out, Appeals To Govt To Pay Their Pension

After the civil war of 1967-1970, voluntarily retired Ekiti state military officers begged President Muhammadu Buhari to start paying their pensions, to rescue them from poverty and premature death.

They lamented that no fewer than 60 of their members out of 240 had died because they could not afford adequate food and medical treatment due to unpaid fees.

Addressing journalists in Ado-Ekiti yesterday, former officers under the aegis of voluntarily retired military officers, 1978-1979, Ekiti chapter, urged President Buhari to fulfill his 2015 promise to extend pension payments to all officers. retirees who participated in the war.

The publicity secretary of the ex-officers, Alhaji Bello Oseni, praised the president for remembering them in 2015 when they assumed power, after 36 years of neglect by successive military and democratic governments.

He said that the president, who had been elected in 2015, summoned members to Abuja and instructed the Military Pension Board to verify their documents, after which they were certified to be legitimate military officers.

“But since then, we have heard nothing. We congratulate President Buhari for remembering us after four decades of neglect, but we call for this promise to be fulfilled in due course.

“We started this fight with 240 members, today we are 180 and around 70 of us are curing serious ailments and we only pray to overcome them.

“We were on the battlefield for more than three years. We fight for the unity of this nation. We kept Nigeria as one and we deserve to be taken care of.

“We do not regret having served our homeland, but we are surprised that those who fought to hold Nigeria one and rescue it from disintegration can be treated in this way. Helping us at this stage will send a signal of patriotism to Nigerians, because everything we did was out of patriotic spirit.

“But we believe in the integrity of President Buhari. He is a retired military man with a human face. You know what it means to someone to wage a civil war. Understand the language of war.

“It was the passionate spirit of President Buhari that prompted him to invite us to Abuja in 2015 as an honor. We pray that he keeps the promises he has made to us, so that we can reap the fruits of our work. “

“We pray that Nigeria will remain one so that the work of our founding fathers and war heroes, including us, will not be in vain,” Oseni said.