Edwin Clark remains our leader in Kiagbodo council, ward – PDP chieftain

Edwin Kiagbodo Clark

A chief of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has stated that the senior statesman, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, remains the Party leader in the local government area and neighborhood despite not being a registered Party member.

Mr. Akpodikumo Oweiagbe Okosuye, PDP Chairman of District 8 (Kiagbodo), Burutu Local Government Area of ​​Delta State, made this statement when condemning a recent protest by Messer Paul Oruma and Godwin Gbogiemi on the outcome of the peaceful primaries. councilors. election that made Clement Wagha and Mrs. Gift Gomeron candidates for councilors for DSIEC districts 13 and 14 of the Burutu local government area respectively.

In a statement signed by Ngbilebiri II President Ward 8 (Kiagbodo), Mr. Akpodikumo Oweiagbe Okosuye, refuted attorney Isa Clark’s claims that Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark was not a member of the party, saying that Chief EK Clark continues to be the PDP leader in the Local Government Area and District.

Okosuye revealed that the duo of Oruma and Gbogiemi were not candidates for the council of District 13 and 14 of DSIEC under (Federal District 8) since neither of them declared interest in competing for the council before the executives of the neighborhood.

He added that the duo also failed to declare their intent to the district’s highest political official, Chief Anthony Ebikeme Clark, the former Burutu LG chairman and currently Delta State’s executive assistant to the governor in dispute resolution, so he wondered what they did. . What to do at the PDP secretariat in Asaba.

According to the statement, Wagha and Gomeron emerged through the same peaceful and fair consensus process that produced the current councilors representing the ward, Rt. Hon. Joseph Asiaye Alubeze and Hon. Paul Oruma and other former councilors.

“The protest was orchestrated by Isa Clark after he failed to deceive the ward leaders’ decision with a list of his cohorts whom he called ward leaders.

“How can someone who has never contested or won an election in the neighborhood compile a list without notable leaders like the Hon. Godwin Masah and Neville Ambakederemo, who are former councilors and currently SSA to the Delta state governor, instead wrote the names of a classroom teacher and former neighborhood publicity secretary of the party, “he added.

While reiterating that it was Isa Clark’s failed attempt to impose on those who did not aspire to compete for the ward council, the ward president asked the state leaders of the party to ignore the protest and insult to their national leader, the Chief EK Clark, as There was not an iota of truth in his protests and denunciations.

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