Drama Looms As Ondo Deputy Governor Accuses Akeredolu Of Plotting To Remove Him Before End Of Tenure

Agboola Ajayi, the deputy governor of Ondo state, has made some serious accusations against Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

Ajay accused Akeredolu of being desperate to remove him from office before his term expires, which takes place in February 2021.

Ajayi said Akeredolu was considering all means to have him removed from office after an initial plan to forge his signature on a resignation letter prepared on his behalf.

In a statement from his media adviser, Allen Sowore, the lieutenant governor linked the firing of the Ondo state attorney general to part of Akeredolu’s plans to remove him from office before his term expires.

The statement reads: “The Governor has clandestinely orchestrated the announcement of the removal of the Vice Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Ogundeji Iroju, without due process.

“These are all premeditated efforts to bypass the institutions of the state and usurp the powers of the legislative and judicial branches of government to pave the way for the illegal removal of the lieutenant governor.

“The general public should beware of these latest shenanigans and the governor’s desperation to remove his deputy through a ghoulish scheme to forge signatures of members of the state House of Assembly on the prepared impeachment notice.”

The dispute between Ajayi and Akeredolu began when the lieutenant governor began to compete for the governorship, which he eventually lost.

State lawmakers had taken steps to impeach the lieutenant governor by writing to the state’s chief judge, Judge Oluwatoyin Akeredolu, to remove him.

The judge rejected the request due to the inability of the Assembly members to follow the constitution to form the required number to impeach Ajayi.