Drama As Nigerian Man Publicly Denounces Christianity, Accepts Ijaw Deity Worship (Photos)

A man who has been identified as Bodmas Prince Kemepadei of Sagbama, Bayelsa state, has rejected Christianity.

The man publicly denounced his Christianity and accepted the Egbesu cult.

Egbesu is an ancient deity of war entrusted to the Ijaw ethnic nation by the Almighty to defend themselves in times of war and oppression.

The ancient cult declined after the successful British occupation of the Ijaw lands in the late 19th century.

The Niger Delta University graduate Wilberforce Island took to Facebook on Tuesday, November 24, to announce the complaint and reaffirm his reverence for the Egbesu deity, saying that he had realized he was misled by foreign myths.

According to Kemepadei, he believes that “the true worship of God is in our correct conduct and not in religious associations and buildings.” He concluded by challenging his friends to publicly denounce their Christian faith.

Read his post below …

“Challenge humbly accepted. I reaffirm my denunciation of CHRISTIANITY and acceptance of the EGBESU ADORATION ”, he wrote.

“I have denounced my Christian faith in the past, but I am happy to do so again.

“My name is BODMAS PRINCE KEMEPADEI, I was a happy Christian and a believer in Jesus Christ, but I woke up from my dream and realized that I had been deceived by foreign myths plagiarized and remodeled from the customs and practices of my people.

“I discovered that the foreign myths that sold me as Yahweh, Jehovah, Mary and Jesus, are actually the story of the Ijaw spiritual tradition of Woyin, Egbesu, Agadagba and their archdivinities, who was and still is the supreme creator of all life.

“I think this Ijaw story was stolen and then reshaped as Christianity and forced our people to accept, after the demonization of their beliefs.

I believe that our people knew God before the invasion of the Westerners.

I believe that our people worshiped God and that God related to them before the introduction of Christianity and other western practices.

I believe that in an attempt to colonize us, our practices were demonized, our parents were forced to accept Christianity while exporting our sacred totems abroad.

I believe that God will not judge us not by our beliefs but by our works.

I believe that the Ijaw principle contained in the Egbesu cult is an ideal way for the spiritual liberation of humanity and the peaceful coexistence of all.

I believe that salvation exists in the exaltation of good character. I believe that all humans are only Messengers in this realm and will return after their assignments.

I think Soul of Humans does not die. I believe in regeneration and reincarnation. I believe that no one can save us from sins, that for every bad action there are dire consequences and I believe in the law of cause and effect, I believe in karma.

I believe in a Creator who has incarnated to fulfill a divine purpose. I believe in Destiny and that we are manifestations of our previous spiritual decisions.

I believe that the true worship of God is in our correct behaviors and not in our religious associations and buildings.

I believe that when the Supreme Creator incarnated and manifested on Earth, other Celestial beings accompanied them and they are what we call Orus (Angels).

I believe that these Orus sometimes reincarnate as humans, they are the prophets, priests and other divine Messengers.

I think there was a life before this life and a life after this.

I believe that God is not a confusionist, but that the inability of humans to understand God’s way is the reason for the confusion.

I believe that the first natural habitat was waters and that water is sacred and the source of all life.

I believe that all men should purify themselves with water as a form of remission of sins.

I absolutely believe in the power of the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine Woyin, Tamara !!

I believe that all EGBESU are manifestations of WOYIN. I believe that it is by propitiation and atonement that the world is made.

This is the best challenge you have ever seen on Facebook. So if you love African spirituality and are not feeling embarrassed, just copy and replace my name with yours and make this your edited status update accordingly.

I challenge my friends listed here to also publicly announce their faith and to each challenge five other people.

Can I get an À ?? / GBA BRA PUA

I see!

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