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Don’t Force A Girl To Love You, Do These 6 Things If She Turns You Down (Details below)

On several occasions I have heard some people express how they have been rejected by someone they really love. It is not unusual that most of the time someone you love does not love you too, or that someone you have feelings for does not feel the same about you too. Obviously, it’s infuriating.

It is very frustrating to see another person have the person you love and you cannot do anything about it. But the worst thing you can do to yourself is make someone love you; that will frustrate your relationship in the future.

No matter how strong a lady may be, you can still make her fall in love with you, what matters is how well you play your role to make it work.

1. Find out what interests you so much in a man. When you discover this, it is like discovering the type of man you want, then try to settle for his interest in that aspect. In this way, the trip becomes successful. But if she’s that kind of “money lady,” my brother runs for your dear life if you’re looking for love because you can’t get it at all.

2. Improve your clothing. No woman would want to mix with a man who dresses indecently no matter what kind of lady she is. Every woman wants her man to have a good sense of fashion. So try to know the type of dress pattern that intrigues her or captivates her interest and always follow through.

3. Have a job. Remember here that love is not yet established, you are trying to make it work by making her reciprocate your love. Have a job because she would always reject you if you don’t have a reasonable job that you do. And try to pack into your work no matter what kind of work it is.

4. Have a good sense of reasoning and a sense of humor. Don’t be so talkative. Always know what to say and say the right words at the right time. Don’t be a noisemaker. Always have a good sense of reasoning and try to represent it as you speak.

5. Be calm and attractive. Like I said, don’t be loud or tend to be so talkative. Make him see you as a calm and attractive boy, and not as a rascal.

6. Doesn’t tend to be lewd. Even though something may be blooming inside of you, don’t let it explode, don’t let her notice any form of lewd attitude in you.

I think this will help you conquer it.


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