Donald Trump’s bid to overturn Joe Biden’s win in Pennsylvania fails again

Donald Trump’s bid to overturn Joe Biden’s win in Pennsylvania fails again

US President Donald Trump alleged Monday that some election observers were expelled from vote counting rooms in most states, leading to Joe Biden's victory.

President Donald Trump’s attempt to enhance the victory of Joe Biden, his Democratic opponent in the US presidential election, again failed on Friday when a federal appeals court rejected his request for an emergency injunction to uncertify the results. Pennsylvania Electoral.

In the lawsuit, the Trump campaign had asked the court to stop certifying Pennsylvania’s results over claims that Republicans were not allowed in some Democratic-leaning areas to correct clerical errors on their mail ballots.

But the result was certified by Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar on Tuesday, officially indicating that Trump lost the election to Biden by more than 81,000 votes.

“Voters, not lawyers, elect the president. The ballots, not the writings, decide the elections, ”said the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in a scathing 21-page sentence, while declaring that the Trump campaign’s defiance of a U.S. District Court decision The United States “has no merit.”

Reports indicated that the sentence was written by Judge Stephanos Bibas, who was appointed to the court by Trump. The other two unanimously appointed Republican justices also backed the ruling.

“The accusations of injustice are serious. But calling an election unfair does not mean that it is. The charges require specific indictments and then evidence. We don’t have any here, ”Bibas wrote.

The Trump campaign had appealed to the Third Circuit after the district court last weekend dismissed its federal lawsuit against Pennsylvania electoral authorities and rejected the campaign’s request that it be allowed to review the lawsuit to add more allegations. reports the Washington Post.

The judge also noted in his decision on Friday that the Trump campaign “never alleges fraud or that illegal voters cast votes,” citing the fact that during a hearing on the lawsuit, Rudolph W. Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, called it out. he had said “it was not a case of fraud.”

According to the granting of Trump’s “wildly disproportionate” request to discard the results, the results would be “drastic and unprecedented, disenfranchising a large swath of the electorate and also upset all elections against.”

However, responding to Friday’s appeals court ruling, Trump’s attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis said they plan to request a review of the case by the US Supreme Court.

The appellate court’s decision on Friday technically dealt with the Trump campaign’s challenge to the lower court’s refusal to allow him to amend his claim. Giuliani wanted to resubmit the lawsuit, adding allegations that official Republican observers were not allowed to see the vote count. (Trump’s lawyers had previously said in court that some were allowed to observe.)

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