Dangote Refinery To Create 250,000 Jobs

Dangote Refinery and Petrochemicals management has revealed that the 650,000 barrel-per-day project will create jobs for no fewer than 250,000 Nigerians when it is completed next year.

Group Executive Director, Strategy and Capital Projects, Dangote Industries Limited, Mr. Devakumar Edwin, told reporters on the site that the refinery had the potential to change the Nigerian economy by employing thousands of Nigerians for direct jobs and indirect.

She said that the huge unemployment rate for young Nigerians, the need to make the country self-sufficient in fuel consumption and attract much needed foreign exchange through the export of the products were the reasons that motivated the president of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, to venture into manufacturing.

The head of the Dangote Group said he was very optimistic that the refinery would be a game changer for Nigeria and the rest of Africa. According to him, Dangote Industries Limited has managed to substantially reduce the high unemployment rate in the country, and the conglomerate is already recruiting young people into its various agricultural schemes and other subsidiaries. Dangote Industries Limited is the largest employer of labor in Nigeria outside of the federal government. In addition, Edwin assured that all other things being equal, products from the Dangote fertilizer plant would hit the market this month. He said that Dangote Fertilizer Limited had a well-equipped fertilizer soil testing laboratory to ensure product efficiency for farmers.

He explained: “The laboratory will allow us to analyze and identify a particular soil deficiency. Applying the right fertilizer to the soil will allow you to get the best result. The goal of our soil tests is to provide an accurate assessment of soil fertility to make fertilizer recommendations. “A proper soil test will help ensure that enough fertilizer is applied to meet the crop’s requirements while taking advantage of the nutrients that are already present in the soil.” Edwin argued that Dangote Fertilizer would make Nigeria become self-sufficient in the production of fertilizers and have the ability to export the products to other African countries.

“Right now, farmers are forced to use whatever fertilizer is available, as they have no other choice, but we must know that the fertilizer that will work in one state may not be suitable in another state, as they may not have the same soil type and composition.

The same fertilizer you use for sorghum may not be the one you use for sugar cane, ”he added. Speaking about the job-generating capacity of the Dangote refinery, Nigerian Employers Consultative Association (NECA) CEO Olawale Timothy praised the refinery’s promotion, saying the potential to create 250,000 direct and indirect jobs upon completion it would greatly reduce crime and poverty in Nigeria. Olawale claimed that Dangote Refinery’s kind gesture would greatly reduce the threat of insecurity, which, he noted, had become a major problem in the country.

“We have always said that paid employment is a true way to reduce crime. When young people are involved in a meaningful way, they will not accept crime. “It is worth noting that the generation of 250,000 jobs by the refinery upon completion will reduce youth unemployment. We also have the advantage of reducing the level of poverty in the country. This is because paid employment will increase people’s purchasing power. It will improve your lifestyle, ”he added.

Source: – Newstelegraph