Court admits Senator Ndume to bail citing ‘good behaviour’

Court admits Senator Ndume to bail citing ‘good behaviour’

A Federal High Court ordered Senator Ali Ndume to be sent to the Kuje Correctional Center for failing to introduce the former chairman of the late Pension Task Force, Abdulrasheed Maina.

Judge Okon Abang of the Abuja Federal High Court admitted yesterday, for “good behavior”, that Senator Ali Ndume waived his bail for the former chairman of the defunct Task Force for Pension Reform, Mr. Abdulrasheed Maina.

Maina, who is on trial on one count of 12 counts of alleged N2 billion money laundering, was assumed to have jumped bail after failing to appear in court for trial on four different postponements.

It should be remembered that Judge Abang had admitted Maina released on bail for the sum of N500 million and a bond for the same amount, who must be an active senator and must attend all legal proceedings related to the matter.

Ndume had been Maina’s collateral in her alleged money laundering trial and was consistent in attending Maina’s trial until sometime in September when Maina ceased to appear in court.

In response, on November 18 the court revoked Maina’s bond and ordered his arrest wherever he was found.

The court also ordered Ndume’s pre-trial detention at the Kuje Correctional Center on Monday, following his inability to present Maina in court to continue his trial.

According to the judge, the senator representing the South Borno Senate District in the National Assembly would remain in detention until he pays the bail of N500 million that he signed for the Bail of Maina to the federal government or when the property he gave as collateral becomes available. . of by the government.

However, after four days in custody, Ndume, who is the chairman of the Senate Army Committee, has been released on bail.

Judge Abang admitted him out on bail on a bond that must show evidence of a territorial property in Abuja, while passing judgment on his bail application presented and argued by his lawyer, Mr. Marcel Oru on Thursday.

The judge in the ruling held that although the plaintiff had not posted any material to show that he had redeemed the N500m bond, he had displayed good conduct for the duration of the trial by attending court regularly.

He explained that the court chose to exercise its discretion in favor of the plaintiff when posting bail because of his good conduct.

Judge Abang recalled that since May 5, 2020, when Ndume deposed to the affidavit the means to lose the bail of N500m in case Maina skipped bail, he had attended all court sessions.

Therefore, the judge ordered that he should provide a bond with a land property in Abuja as a guarantor.

He also ordered Ndume to deposit his international passport with the Secretary of the Court and undertake to compile the minutes of the Court’s proceedings on his case and transmit them within the next 10 days.

Earlier in the ruling, Judge Abang had overturned the applicant’s attorney’s claim to admit Ndume on bail on the grounds that he is the chairman of the Senate committee on the military and a member of three other Senate committees whose functions affect To the general public. , specifically about your safety and health.

The judge said Senator Ndume was aware of his position on Senate Committees when he made the deposition on May 5, 2020 to pay N500m if Maina jumped bail.

He also rejected prosecutor Mohammed Abubakar’s objection that the court did not have jurisdiction to hear Ndume’s request for bail.

Judge Abang also said that Ndume’s appeal against the Court’s decision had not been filed in the Court of Appeal. “In fact, the plaintiff has not compiled the records of the judicial process,” he said.

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