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Checkout The African Tribe That Do Not Value Slim Men, See What They Do In Their Festival (Details below)

Africa is a vast continent that is home to many countries and tribes. Some of these tribes have refused to welcome civilization and still practice their culture, which is quite interesting and sacred to them. There are many interesting places and cultures in Africa and we will look at the Bodi tribe in this article.

The Bodi tribe is mainly found in the southern part of Ethiopia. They have refused to welcome civilization because they believe so much in their ancient traditions. They still trade through the barter system. They walk for hours to get to their market where they trade goods or buy some.

This tribe is not allowed to call the names of outsiders, except for some people. Married people cannot talk to themselves in public either. This tribe usually values ​​their cows that they do not kill them to extract the blood they drink. They prefer to make a hole in one of their veins to draw the blood and close it with clay.

The people of this tribe value fat men more than slim men and this can be seen in their most interesting culture known as the Ka’el ceremony. They usually observe this in June. The 14 clans that make up this tribe will each present a single male for the competition. These eligible men will prepare for this competition for three months and during this period, they will not meet any women or be seen outside their cabin. They will drink a mixture of blood and milk. At dawn, they would drink 2 liters of blood and anyone who vomited the blood could be disqualified.

After six months, they must leave the cabin. On that day, they would cover themselves in ash and clay and run around the trees for hours as the judges look on. Anyone declared the winner is crowned the fattest among men and is rewarded. They are also highly respected. This made the Bodi tribe value their fat nature more than thinness.

African tribes are always amazing as they have a large culture that most tribes embrace more than western civilization.


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